Happy Hangout: Black Plate, The Yard at Xavierville, Q.C.

Take a sneak peek at The Yard at Xavierville – the newest perfect hangout spot located in a prime location just across Ateneo De Manila University Campus. It is made out of three floors of shipping containers that give out that rugged laid back vibrant vibe from the metallic structures and bright popping colors.




From 4pm until 12mn, people can freely roam around the food park’s 30 food stalls with choices from Mediterranean to Japanese. The impressive multi-level food park is a nice addition to the food community popping around the QC area.



Because it’s near Ateneo De Manila, The Yard is seen to be an awesome venue for some good food and catching up with friends. It’s a nice cozy space to chill, especially with the entertainment hosted by DJs, artists and bands. For food enthusiasts, expect varieties of delicious food at a friendly price!




If you’re planning to come here for a weekend food trip with your friends, better come in early before parking slots become fully occupied.




Black Plate

July 23, 2016 – Lucky are those who live around Katipunan area in QC because a huge industrial themed food park has opened up last June 18. Named as The Yard, it offers a wide variety of innovative food at friendly prices. The Yard is the newest perfect hangout spot located in a prime location just across Ateneo De Manila University Campus. It is made out of three floors of shipping containers that give out that rugged laid back vibe from the metallic structures.



At 5pm in the afternoon, The Yard at Xavierville was already packed with a vibrant crowd. Young families are dining in, while millennials are laughing over an exchange of light-hearted stories and good food. While modern music plays in the background, I had a hard time choosing which food stall to try first. I came upon Black Plate and noticed a lot of people occupying the tables. Seeing that, I knew I had to taste their bestsellers – the BurriSushi and BurriBowl.


K-Town BBQ (₱190.00). Grilled Beef Belly in Korean Soy, Shredded Cabbage, Romaine, Cilantro, Cheddar and Pepper Jack Cheese, Sweet Soy Dressing, Kewpie, Kimchi Fried Rice, Nori


BurriSushi is derived from the words “burrito” and “sushi”. This dish is a Japanese-Mexican fusion that showcases two flavors in one concept –  instead of using the usual flour tortilla, Black Plate made use of Nori (seaweed wrap) and stuffed in cooked rice and a variety of Asian ingredients rolled up inside this oriental burrito. The K-Town BBQ (₱190.00)  became an instant favorite the moment I took a bite of their Fried Kimchi Rice and beef belly in a sweet soy dressing. I liked how this burrito-sushi is so simple yet full of flavor. The rich creamy goodness of the cheese also makes a great harmony to the tangy Kimchi taste and sweet salty quality of the meat.

The BurriSushi is served with a choice of side – the  Tomorokoshi or Kani Salad.  The Tomorokoshi makes a great side dish to the BurriSushi, loved the sprinkle of chili powder and Bonito Flakes on top.


Tomorokoshi. Shaved Japanese Corn with mayo, cheese, chili powder and Bonito Flakes


Next was the Bacon BurriBowl (₱150.00) – a deconstructed version of a BurriSushi. It is a bowl of rice topped with bacon in teriyaki sauce, shaved corn, lettuce, cheese and other natural ingredients. The freshness of the veggies and the saltiness of the shredded cheese were a good balance to the strong sweet flavor of the bacon. For ₱150, Bacon BurriBowl is ideal for a heavy meal at a good price.


Bacon BurriBowl (₱150.00). Char Grilled Bacon, Corn, Beans, Shredded Cabbage, Green Onions, Lettuce, Pinto Beans, and Shredded Four Cheese. Rice Plus Mayonnaise Dip and Teriyaki Sauce.


Aside from BurriBowl and BurriSushi, Black Plate also offers ramen noodle and other Japanese-Mexican food to feed your appetite. If you are in The Yard at Xavierville and happen to be in the mood for something oriental, Black Plate definitely gives great value to your money. For my first time, the BurriSushi and BurriBowl didn’t disappoint! Can’t wait to be back! For more recommendations, check out Spot.PH’s review of The Yard. Have you been here as well? Share with us your experience!


Black Plate

Address: First Level,  The Yard at Xavierville, 83 Xavierville Avenue, Loyola Heights, Quezon City
Contact Number: (+63) 9178078761 , (+63) 9173422587

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