South Cebu Adventure: Tumalog Falls, Oslob

About 15-20 minutes away from the Oslob Whale Shark Watching Site is Tumalog Falls. Also known as “Toslob Falls” or “Mag-ambak Falls”, this falls brings people to an enchanting experience with nature.

July 31, 2015 – After our whale shark experience in MB Sunrise View Resort, we also took their package of Tumalog Falls tour for  ₱170.00. It was not that bad although people can do this DIY. We rode the habal-habal and left our things still in tact in our lockers and headed to the falls.


Tumalog Falls Cebu

Tumalog Falls Cebu

Tumalog Falls Cebu


What I like the most about Tumalog Falls is that the beauty it resonates is simply raw. There are no hints of commercialism in the area, except for the habal-habals waiting along the road but they are not that insistent. When I  first had a glimpse of  Tumalog, the first thing that came to mind was peace.

Motorcycles from outside premises can ‘t pass by this point anymore, so we had the option to hire another habal-habal to take us to the falls (₱50.00) or just walk. The walk was not that difficult so we took that option instead.

The walk includes a lot of slopes, so it was more of an exercise for us. Careful for those who would choose to walk, motorcycles tend to pass by the road like drag racers, so always walk on the side.

Tumalog Falls Cebu

Tumalog Falls Cebu


The falls was glorious.  The place was heaven, although I’m not sure what heaven really looks like, heh. The droplets were so fine, it looked like it was painted out of airbrush.



Luckily, the water was not too deep. It was so cold, and refreshing. One dip and all you could say is “ahh” . Good thing we brought our aquashoes with us because tour guides were telling us that Tumalog Falls was rocky, we might not enjoy the swim.


Tumalog Falls Cebu

Tumalog Falls 2015


We spent more than an hour swimming and just fooling around Tumalog. It was so breathtaking the pictures didn’t give this beauty justice.



Guide to Tumalog Falls, Oslob

    • No need for goggles! What you see on the surface is the same underwater.
    • Instead of taking the habal-habal to the falls, go trekking and enjoy the view!
    • During the summer season, the falls may only have the smallest drops and basin may have the littlest amount of water on it.
    • Prepare your cash!  ₱70.00 – Estimate on  habal-habal fare ; ₱20.00 – Entrance Fee


Itinerary and Budget

Note: This was from a 2015 trip of 4 people.

Day 1 (July 30) 6:15 PM Flight to Cebu ₱ 1,400 (roundtip tickets)
7:40 PM ETA Mactan Airport
8:15 PM Check in at Robe’s Pension House ₱ 300/person (accommodation)
8:30 PM Dinner at La Parisienne
Day 2 (July 31) 4:00 AM Check out, Head to South Bus Station ₱ 60/person (Taxi Fare)
4:30 AM Oslob ₱ 156/person (Bus Fare)
7:00 AM ETA MB Sunrise View Resort ₱ 100 (Locker Rental) ; ₱ 500 (Whale Shark Encounter)
11:30 AM Lunch at MB Sunrise View Resort ₱ 100/person (Average Meal Price)
1:00 PM ETD Tumalog Falls ₱ 170/person (Motorcycle Service Ride to Tumalog – Cuartel Heritage)
1:30 PM ETA Tumalog Falls ₱ 20/person (Tumalog Entrance Fee)
3:30 PM ETA MB Sunrise View Resort; Shower
3:50 PM ETD Moalboal via Ceres Bus ₱ 70/person (bus fare)
5:30 PM ETA Moalboal Market ₱ 15 (Tricycle to Sea Turtle Resort)
5:45 PM ETA Sea Turtle Resort; Check-in ₱ 760/person (accommodation)
7:45 PM Dinner at Sea Turtle House ₱ 100/person (shared meal)
Day 3 (August 1) 6:30 AM Wake up; get dressed
7:00 AM Pescador – Sardine Run Island Hopping (c/o Sea Turtle House) ₱ 750/person
1:00 PM Lunch at Sea Turtle House ₱ 160/person
2:30 PM ETD Kawasan Falls ₱ 20/person (entrance fee)
4:30 PM Back to Sea Turtle House; Check-out
5:30 PM ETD Cebu City ₱ 130/person (bus fare)
8:00 PM ETA Cebu City; Check-in at 1st Avenue Apartelle; Shower ₱ 300/person (accommodation)
9:00 PM Dinner at Zubuchon ₱ 160/person (shared meal)
10:00 PM Back to Apartelle; Sleep
Day 4 (August 2) 6:00 AM Wake up; get dressed
7:00 AM Check out; ETD Airport ₱ 50/person (Taxi Fare)
7:30 AM ETA Airport; Check in



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UPDATE: I visited Tumalog Falls again in 2017. The recent trip was sponsored by Bluewater Resort Sumilon.


December 1, 2017 – It brings back nice memories whenever I get the pleasure of visiting places again. This time, I had the chance to return to Tumalog Falls in Oslob, Cebu after two years. I remember this trip like it was yesterday because it brought me so many first time experiences. Ah, how nostalgic.

For this trip, I was privileged to be part of a media trip sponsored by Bluewater Sumilon. Sumilon Island was only 15 minutes away via boat from Bancogon, Oslob where we docked. We were toured by a private van service so everything was smooth sailing for us.

When we were dropped off at the jump-off point, this time I rode the habal-habal service going to the falls area. The path was steep. Fortunately, the motorcycle ride only lasted for a few minutes.

The registration fee is still at ₱20. The habal-habal service still at ₱50. It surprised me that even after years, the management still kept their rates at minimal.



What shocked me, though, is how the place has changed in ways too small to even notice. Dipping into the waters still gave me the chilling effect because of its extremely cold temperature, however, I was also expecting to brave a rocky base. The bed of the catch basin seemed to have been flattened. It was as if I was wading on a cemented path, with some parts that are muddy.



Well, it still is beautiful. Tumalog falls still gets me.






  1. Hi,

    Thank you for this blog! 🙂
    If i were to ask you lang po, kaya bang DIY ang Whale Shark Watching – Tumalog Falls then Sumilon Island or dapat Whale Shark Watching – Sumilon Island then Tumalog Falls?

    Your reply is hightly appreciated.

    Thank you.

    1. Hey Isabelle! Whale Shark Watching will already take half of the day. As well as the Sumilon tour. Instead of compressing the three activities in a day, I suggest Sumilon and Whale Shark Watching in one day then Tumalog falls plus Aguinid Falls the other day. (If you’re considering Aguinid Falls)


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