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This is what really happened with She’s Louisse.

“Your blog inspires me!”

Whenever people say good things about my work, I pause for a moment to check whether my flattered heart is still aligned with my true goal or not. There are moments when I doubt my talent, but every time I get positive feedback, I feel right about myself again.

Words are weapons. I obviously use a lot of them when I express myself through blogging. And yes, words are proven to be powerful when used to encourage other people as well. It gives us a gentle push to move forward, bringing back the confidence in ourselves.

However, words of affirmation can also become a tool to test our humility. Frankly, that’s the reason why I changed my website from She’s Louisse to Wonderfilled Journal. It did not make sense to me at first why I should give up something that I already established only so I could start over again.

My previous blog, She’s Louisse, was my first ever published blog. It ran for two years. Through that blog, I was able to earn money by ads and sponsorships. People were already visiting the website to ask questions about travel guides, accommodations, and other details. A good number of my articles had appeared at the top spot of Google Search, and my Facebook page was beginning to grow in number. A thousand likes weren’t easy to achieve.

She’s Louisse was not a big deal, but its presence was clearly felt – for me at least.

It surprised people when they heard about the revamp. If you were one of those who asked, you’d remember me saying that the website was plagued with malware and needed serious fixing. I didn’t lie, but that wasn’t the exact reason why I changed my website name. Simply put it, my conviction told me to change it.

First, my name correction confused a lot of people. I grew up believing that my name was spelled as Louisse. However, later on, I learned that it is spelled as Louise (with a single ‘s’). It was hard to explain my own name to everyone when I’m still associated with my website She’s Louisse. With the change, I felt freed from that error.

Second, the virus kept attacking my website. It was as if it’s stopping me from being seen. For some reason, this opened the opportunity for me to think about just scratching everything off and start again.

Lastly, I’m just done talking about myself. It’s not about Louisse anymore.

The blog was supposed to bring me places, give me network, and make me influential. The very reason that I put it up was for my self-interest. But as I mature, I discovered somehow that there is a bigger purpose why I have this desire to blog. It’s not so people may know my name.

Enough with Louisse, she’s no longer here.


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