When we're told to do good things, associate with good people, marry a good partner, raise good children, what is the standard of "good" the world is referring to?

We are no experts on career, relationships, or life in general, but we deal with things you most probably are dealing with, too. Let us ponder life from a better angle through the lens of faith. As they say, if you can't change your situation, change your perspective! Subscribe to our podcast today and listen to fresh insights every Monday at six on YouTube, Spotify, and Apple Podcast.


Demi and Louise first met at the airport for a four-day travel with some church friends. Little did they know that four years later that trip, they'd be working together to put up this humble podcast. They're both followers of Jesus who desire to pursue God's purpose for their lives.

Demi is a natural home buddy, a work-in-progress minimalist, and aims to be a woman after God's heart. She loves cats from a distance (because allergies) and finds joy in trying out new recipes.

Louise is an adventure-seeker by choice and a storyteller by heart. She is a sucker for pink sunset skies and a worshiper of God — the source of all her life's wonders.