Pig-Out Madness: 7 Flavors Buffet in San Juan, Greenhills

7 Flavors along Mabini Street in Greenhills is just a year old restaurant popping in the lists of must-try dining spots in Metro Manila.

June 7, 2016 — Rainy season just brings out the impatient side of me. When you’re waiting for the rain to stop and you’re stuck in a food hub, it is easy to fall into the temptation of eating. That’s what happened to me. At 8 o’clock, the parking spaces weren’t full and it was easy to find a good spot, considering that 7 Flavors have an ample space for customers’ vehicles.



The interior looked beautiful –  vibrant and hip yet classy and inviting… but where are the people… Getting inside the restaurant, it was eerily quiet. I almost wanted to go out of this deserted place. However, I was told that the buffet area was on the second floor. Aha! And yes,  there was more life and energy on the second floor than the ground floor. It was not hard to find a seat because there are plenty of them.

There were varieties of food to choose from, but they weren’t a wide selection compared to other buffet restaurants out there. There was a bit of Japanese cuisine (which were the sushi and maki), a bit of other international cuisines I’m not sure I can identify.

Most of their food is Filipino-Chinese dishes and they were cooked exquisitely. However, I was looking for the oomph since this restaurant is the pride of Chef Boy Logro, a famous television chef whose track records are exceptional.



There were also few desserts to choose from, mostly cupcakes and pastry items.



The food items that stood out for me, well… The spicy chicken was tasty, porchetta was divine and the rum balls were soft and sweet.  I can’t remember the other food I lined up for. The name “7 Flavors” sounded promising, like a restaurant with lots of cuisines to offer.  Upon hearing it,  I was led to believe that it was serving dishes from 7 continents of the world – Asia, Africa, North America, South America, Antarctica, Europe, and Australia. Part of me was thrilled to know what made 7 Flavors special until I got in line for the food. I didn’t find pasta from Italy, steaks from America, seafood from Australia and other expectations. The Yang Chao it is, I guess.

I asked my friend why the name of the restaurant is called 7 Flavors, and it’s simply because their menu consists of salty, umami, sweet, spicy, and 3 other flavors you’ll taste in a food. Okay… so literally it’s  7 flavors. That’s it?  So I guess every restaurant in the Philippines has the 7 Flavors factor if that’s what you’re looking for.

Frankly, nothing is wrong with this place. The ambiance is cozy, the space is huge, the food is good and the service is okay. However, although the buffet was just priced at ₱400 for lunch and ₱500 for dinner on a weeknight, I was expecting a lot from 7 Flavors, especially that it carries the name of Chef Boy Logro, renounced to have cooked for the royalties in other countries.

I heard they have a great ensaymada though, too bad it’s always unavailable. I believe this buffet place could offer much more, given that they have all the resources they could bring to the table. I guess they just need more improvements on elevating the food choices instead of the usual Filipino-Chinese. (On a side note: Is the restaurant any different…)

Looking forward to the growth of this one!


7 Flavors

Address: 196 A. Mabini Street, San Juan, 1556 Metro Manila
Contact Number: (02) 543 0325

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  1. Please reserve 6 for tonigjt ( june 18) at 730pm

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