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Maid of honor duties? Take a peek at my sister’s wholesome bridal shower!

I’ve attended a bridal shower once before I get to organize it. It’s a good thing that my previous boss, who was soon-to-be-bride that time, wasn’t naughty or liberated. Her personality was reserved, fun-loving but not daringly sexy. No doubt that her bridal shower became my standard as it was classy.

When my sister told me that it was part of my job as a maid of honor to throw her a bridal shower, I hesitated for a bit because I know she and her friends are the type to be adventurous and fun. I’m known to play safe and conservative (in terms of being a woman), so I’m trying not to pull off my influence over her party. It should still reflect her personality. I’m really thankful that we found the balance.


The Venue

October 21, 2017 — I was blessed with a paid for one night stay in a one-bedroom suite in New World Makati by a kindhearted friend of mine (Thank you, Tito Pete for the generosity!) It was a major check off my list of things to do.

My parents, of course, were supporting us. My mom and dad helped me in preparing the food: spaghetti, ham-and-cheese in a stick, nachos, cold sandwiches, and the cake. These were all part of what I call Phase 1. They left as soon as the attendees, who were also the accomplices, came.



Venue Styling

Now, Phase 2. This task is far from my knowledge. I may know a little about graphic design and layout but my skill for decorating and styling, both in food and venue, is way off. Fortunately, one of our organizers is a talented architect who also has a keen eye for styling. From the hanging posters, to the balloons, the props, the soft arrangement of the satin cloth, up to the signages, these were all created by one artsy person (Thank you, Gia!).



Behind every nice-looking setup is a messy prep room. Here’s what ours looked like:



In the end, our gold-and-black theme translated very well.




At 7:30 PM, we started our program with a brief prayer. To break the ice, we prepared two games where the soon-to-be-bride is also a participant. The first game was Eggplant and Egg relay. Two teams will compete against each other by tying a string around their waist with an eggplant hanging between their legs. The goal is to roll the egg until it reaches the finish line. All players must finish the course, the fastest team to finish wins. This was fun to watch, considering everyone wore a glamorous outfit that night. Haha!



The next game was Pass on the Drawing game. Two teams will compete against each other. The mechanics are pretty simple: the game master will show an illustration to each team’s representatives, and the representatives will try to draw from memory what was shown to them. They will then show their drawing to the next person in line, and that person will also draw from memory what the representative drew. The winning piece will be judged based on the last person’s drawing.



The games were made more fun because of the girly prizes at stake!



Unboxing our gift

Since all the organizers were also the attendees of the party (we were a group of 7, not including the bride), we tried our best to maximize our finances. We decided, as one group, to give my sister a black bridal lingerie.



After she unboxed the gift, we ate dinner and each of us gave her our message as she transitions from being single to getting married.



The program has officially ended but the night was still young. After retouching, we set off to Taguig for clubbing upon the request of the bride-to-be. This time, we were accompanied by the boyfriends going to Valkyrie.

For those who are also planning to throw a bridal shower for their close friend or family, below are my suggestions:

  1. Come into terms with the bride on what theme she wants. This way, she could prepare her dress and makeup as well.
  2. Find a venue that’s easy to locate for everyone.
  3. Confirm the number of participating attendees. To guarantee less chance of people backing out the last minute, settle the amount for the venue (which is the highest expense) and have them chip in already in advance.
  4. Delegate tasks to 4-6 people who are really close to the bride. Below are the departments which will need most attention:
    A. Venue management and styling
    B. Overall program and oversight
    C. Food and drinks
    D. Games and Prizes
    E. Documentation

That’s it. Everybody was really helpful. I invited my dear friend Agatha to help me with the club guestlist and also taking photographs. We had fun even without the naughty dancer popping from a big box.

In total, we spent more or less PHP 1,500 per person. That already includes the pillow giveaway, cake and food, prizes, the gift, and the decorations. Again, the venue was a gift and not at our expense.

It was a great night for all of us, but most especially for the bride-to-be. We’re ready to send her off to marriage, lol!


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