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I’m already 24 and I’m not hysterical about it. (1/2)

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Most of us, if not all, have gone through the stress of becoming an adult. When we think of what the future looks like, we see doubts and our powerlessness. It’s a crazy ride, isn’t it? Nothing is ever the same as we get closer to the mid-20s stage. Responsibilities are sure to grow bigger, but everything else, unclear.

The lessons we learn from journeying life are countless, but I was able to point out 24 things that make my 24 years worth it. There are a million other lists like this out there but I’d like to think that this one is different. What makes it special is that it’s written from my point of view. It’s personal. So here it goes.


1. It may sound funny but I confess, I am starting to love mopping floors and wiping tables now.

Seriously! At this age, I feel like I’m learning to cherish the chores that I remember hating back when I was younger. Although I have yet to explore cooking and sewing, I’m willing to try!

2. I have mastered the ability to say no to sinful foods. (with holidays as exception)

Burgers and pizza – the food that I once loved – now seem too greasy for me. Meanwhile, I find myself craving for salads and oatmeals. It’s odd what this age does to me. Definitely, I’d choose to eat at a cafe over a pizza parlor anytime. (Go ahead, call me a tita.)

3. I still don’t love my job, but it’s not the end of the world.

It has been a roller coaster ride since receiving my college diploma and still, my bank account is nowhere near six digits. In the end, my financial standing nor my job position alone won’t give me fulfillment. Who says I’m missing out on something great anyway? I have my friends, family, my church and my awesome God.

4. I’m not sure about my personal goals yet, but I’m fine.

I learned not to be too pressured that I’m already 24 and I’m still living with my parents. So what? Maybe I don’t have it all figured out yet, but God will reveal to me later on the deepest cries of my heart as long as I trust Him. *wink*

5. Thank you, Pinterest for giving me a clear picture of my dreams.

I didn’t know that I can still revive the old dreams that I once gave up. My own hostel? My own events venue? My own #skoolie? I’m starting to dream these dreams again. After all, the big things have to start small somewhere, right? But as these aspirations live in me again, I also must work my way towards its completion with the guidance of God.

6. Everyone’s getting married but still, I won’t chase that bouquet. 

I am single for the right reasons and I would get married for the right reasons. In the past, talking about romantic relationships didn’t make me comfortable because I feel like I’m not ready for that yet. But God knew that and He is changing my heart. I guess it’s time to let these guards down.

7. Don’t be surprised to see me wearing a dress and make-up more often.

First, I don’t think I’m ugly. Second, I’m not doing these things to prove my first point. This is not about vanity, but about a life of worship to God. I acted very unladylike when I was younger because I was naive back then. But today, I think I want to please God with how I carry myself.

8. I can’t expect people to live according to my rules. Their lives are theirs.

My close friends know how confrontational I am. I admit, most of the time, I’m unaware of how I strongly impose my ideas and expectations on others. But believe me when I say I genuinely want to be more conscious of myself and my impact on people. #SpeakLife

9. Lesser time on social media, more time on real life.

Do you ever look at your Instagram feed and get upset with how your photos are not thematic and coherent? Or fast-scroll your facebook newsfeed and not notice that you’ve been browsing for 2 hours already? I do. Because of social media, we become disengaged with our own lives and we turn into a passive-aggressive audience of this society. It’s time to disconnect to reconnect.

10. Maybe I also want to stay at home just as much as I want to travel.

I know that most people see me as the girl who loves the outdoors. It still is true, however, my love for staying indoors is also strong within me. I no longer grab every opportunity to travel because there are times when spending time with my loved ones is more significant above all else.

11. Appreciating the work of great writers doesn’t make me an awful writer.

Ahhh, overcoming this one took almost half of my 2017. I started accepting “writing” jobs even when I wasn’t sure that my grammar was flawless. So imagine meeting experienced journalists and having them read a piece of your work! That made me want to hide in shame at first, but later on, I learned to embrace my raw talent and stop comparing myself to them. Doing that will only suck the creativity out of me.

12.  I’m a person first before a blogger.

The world says too much about who I am and I don’t want to confuse my identity with those names. When people label me as a traveler, a blogger, the company I’m working for or even the clique I’m in, I hope that my colors will be clear. Before I was anything else, I was myself first. I’m God’s daughter first before I was my passion nor my association.


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  1. Anyway, 24, you are still very young! I still think it’s social media that gave us how “unequal” people are, thus more people are insecure. There are pros of course, but the security should be rooted to God. That’s the foundation. I’m happy to know you’re pretty much on the right track.

    1. Thank you, Dustin! I agree that the society is putting a lot of pressure even on young people. It’s such a great privilege to live in the way of God. Sadly, not everyone is aware of it.

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