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I’m already 24 and I’m not hysterical about it. (2/2)

Most of us, if not all, have gone through the stress of becoming an adult. When we think of what the future looks like, we see the doubts and our powerlessness. It’s a crazy ride, isn’t it? Nothing is ever the same as we get closer to the mid-20s stage. Responsibilities are sure to grow bigger, but everything else, unclear.

The lessons we learn from journeying life are countless, but I was able to point out 24 things that make my 24 years worth it. There are a million other lists like this out there but I’d like to think that this one is different. What makes it special is that it’s written from my point of view. It’s personal. So here it goes. (Read the first half here.)


13. Always start and end the day with a heart full of gratitude.

My attitude is my response to God’s sovereignty over my life. He wakes me up in the morning, gives me the day to be productive, and allows me to rest at night. God does that for me every day! It must be a lot of work for Him already, so there should be no complaints on my end. Instead, gratefulness.

14. I’m old enough to know some and young enough to learn more.

I guess being a 24-year old is like walking on that thin line between youth and adulthood. It’s a fun age to be because I still get to hang out with the youngsters and I also get to bond with mature people. The choices I face become less about myself, like deciding between paying the bills first or saving up for a leisure trip.

15. K-dramas and Netflix are not evil. Binge-watching ’em is.

There’s no shame in saying that I’m fond1 of watching dramas and movies. These programs are actually a breath of fresh air, especially to those who are having a stressful day at school, work or home. But just like food, all things must be done in moderation. Anything that steals my time from God is idolatry.

16. Engaging in small talk is still dreadful but tolerable.

No man is an island, they say. You and I are meant to connect with others. And even though I’m bad at it, the small talk has to be endured so conversations could grow deeper and relationships could thrive. If you give each person a chance, you’ll be surprised to be sitting in a room with many awkward talkers like you and me, trying hard to keep the ball rolling.

17. In case things get bad, I’ll own up to my mistakes and move forward.

When I accepted that my mistakes do not define who I am, I saw the positive side of having limitations. My shortcomings make way for God’s grace.

18. “Hello, it’s me. I was wondering if after all these years you’d like to meet.

This is not obvious but somehow, I think that I’m an introvert. I may be loud but I’m rarely attached. I used to let my irrational fear of bumping into old acquaintances ruin the chance of renewed relationships. Is it shame? Is it indifference? This 2017, God ended those hesitations. It’s actually not so bad to meet people from the past.

19. This is a good time to explore.

Do I work abroad or settle locally? Do I cut my hair short or grow it longer? Is it time to sleep or hang out with friends? Should I cook a full meal or should I just prepare a simple sandwich for myself? Should I write or should I read? The options are endless! There are so many things that I learned about who I am when I took the time to explore my individuality.

20. Asking for help is not a sign of weakness.

Acknowledging that I needed help was a sign of humility. Asking for help was courage.

21. I’ll laugh whenever there’s a chance.

I experience a different kind of self-awareness when I hear myself laughing genuinely. It’s one of the best sounds in this world, especially when shared with friends. Without laughter, I feel like I’m missing out on myself and on the joy that surrounds me at the moment. I’ll laugh my heart out when I can. 😀

22.I’ll pick my battles and my teammates.

Not every war is mine to respond to. Actually, most battles are not ours to begin with. It is God’s. But when the fight is my burden, I’ll bring my most trusted warriors to the battlefield. Simply put it, I’ll never struggle on my own, not without my support system. This is why keeping real friends and sharing life with one another is important.

23. If I have to choose between being right or happy, I’d choose to be right.

There are many moments when it’s easier to compromise what’s right to attain what’s pleasurable. Distorting stories and lusting after my goals seem much comforting than telling the truth and living out my purpose. But what is convenience without peace? At the end of the day, everything on earth is temporary. I’ll strive to please God than please myself.

24. Lastly, I’m okay with growing old now.

Presently I understand that every season has its pros and cons. And for a fact, age doesn’t always equate to maturity and youthfulness doesn’t always mean you’re a fool. I’m now enjoying the pacing God has given me.


To more learnings with you, God. Bring it on!


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