slice of life

to you, godly man, i see you across the room


across the room


your glow is too bright
it’s hard not to notice
you stand in the crowd
and the rest fades out

i watch from afar
this distance between us
near enough to feel
far enough to hide

the gap makes me safe.


every day is war
i challenge myself
to like you a bit less
to miss you a tad less

it takes all of me
to escape from you
yet you always sit
a few inches too close

and i just lose it.


in silence I resist
in prayers I surrender
“Oh, God, make this stop.
I’m not ready yet.”

but readiness is not
a matter of time
rather of the heart
my soul knows it well

hush, stay still.


i won’t chase your race
i am done running
go and set your pace
wait for His timing

let me love you now
in the way i should
a love like a brother
a father and a friend

it’s still love, only different.


no more talk of doubt
i’m sure of one thing
God is a writer
of everlasting stories

i’ll be His bride first
forever, Him and I
singing and dancing
to heaven’s lullaby

come when you hear the music.


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