I dressed up as leading ladies in K-dramas

Korean dramas have their own unique charm, and whether you’re hooked to the craze or not, the fashion sense featured in the series are always so edgy yet cute! They do not like to show skin and curves that much but are more inclined with comfort. Casual, oversized, and loose pieces are popular, and not to be missed are sweatshirts, pastel-colored dressed, and a variety of textures and cuts.

Even before the home quarantine began (in light of the pandemic), I have already finished plentiful Korean series such as Fight For My Way, Descendant of the Sun, Coffee Prince (I rewatched the original!), and even new ones such as Goblin, Crash Landing On You and so on.

Inspired by the Korean dramas, I decided to raid my closet and find something to fit their styles. First is Descendants of the Sun’s Kang Mo-Yeon. She usually sports loose and oversized items that resemble my style, too!



Next is the elegant fashion queen in Crash Landing On You, Yoon Se-ri. She was able to transform her style from a glamorous high-fashion lady to an innocent-looking countryside chick. In the story, all her clothes back in South Korea were daring designer items — from bags to shoes, to jacket, name it. But back in the North, she wore conservative clothes layered stylishly.



Lastly, I also imitated Kang Mi-rae of My ID is Gangnam Beauty. Her character brought me back to my college days! Her style is composed of either loose shirts and skinny pants or short shorts. Basically, her closet is like the ones college girls have — charming and comfy.



I’d love to try out more Korean-inspired looks but given the difference of the seasons in the Philippines and Korea, it’s quite difficult. Anyway, would update this article once I come up with another round. That’s all for now. (Back to binge-watching, annyeong!)


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