Dine and Unwind: Pink Panda Southeast Asian Diner, Makati

When I hear of Asian cuisines, I mostly think of Chinese or Japanese. It is not known to everyone that there are more flavors in Asia more than these such as Vietnamese, Thai and Indo-Malay. A hip restaurant in Makati named Pink Panda Southeast Asian Diner creates a fusion of Southeast Asian cooking and serves rich herby taste in every plate.We started the Southeast Asian Feast with light dishes. I really notice the influence of different regions. It’s the comfort food that you would need.

We started the Southeast Asian Feast with light appetizing dishes. I really noticed the influence of different cultures while the waiter served the meals.



The Crispy Baby Squid (₱180) is a combination of fried anchovies, spiced peanuts, plum glaze and crispy baby squid, caramelized in a thick sweet and salty sauce. Pardon for the term, but it reminds me of a “pulutan” during happy hour. It’s just that comforting.



The Lumpiang Shang-Hang (₱145) is a wrapped minced pork with finger chilis and mint yoghurt. It’s another well-loved dish in every Filipino household, only spicier!



The Mangoes and Catfish Salad (₱220) is a plateful of sweet mango slices, green papaya strips, pomelo bits and shallots drizzled with crispy pieces of catfish. This is something refreshing to the palette. The saltiness of the catfish bits really stood out!



The Pink Panda Pork Buns (₱190) is a harmony of Chinese sausage, wood ear mushroom, and salted egg stuffed inside the moist bun. This one is not difficult to fall in love with! Don’t look at it too long, you would have a hard time eating those pandas!



The Sisig Siopao (₱220) is not your ordinary siopao. It is a mix of pork mask, liver, egg, and atsuete aioli thoughtfully put inside a steamed white bun. This is one of the remarkable dishes for me!



The Crispy Beef Rendang (₱220) consists of friend tender short ribs with mixed pickled vegetables in spiced coconut sauce.



The General P’s Chicken (₱220) is a fried chicken coated in special batter then tossed with orange soy and sprinkled with peanuts.



The Chili Prawn Fried Dumpling (₱210) is a big ball of meat cooked with aligue and kimchi honey sauce coated in an orange batter and deep fried to perfection.



The Panda Balls (₱120), based on how we Filipinos call it, is a Buchi. It is a sticky rice dessert covered in sesame seeds and stuffed with peanut butter jelly filling!


Pink Panda Southeast Asian Cuisine

Address: G/F, Y2 Residence Hotel, 4687 Santiago Corner B. Valdez Street, Poblacion, Makati City
Contact Details: +63 9277288753 / 02 8563790
Operating Hours: 11 am to 3 am

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