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Apart from storytelling, I’m all ears, too. Through this blog, I’ve come to know some wonderful people and I’m truly thankful for their lives. If at times you find yourself yearning for a friend, I’ll try my best to be an encouragement to you, too.

For travel-related questions, I ask that you check out the blog first as you just might find the answers straight up or read the FAQ section on the About page. You may also utilize the search feature located in the sidebar before sending an inquiry.

With all that’s been said, I’m excited to hear from you!


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Blog Feature. Blogging seems to be a natural thing for me. The stories I tell about a restaurant or a resort are purely based on my standards. Whether a sponsored product or something I paid for myself, I make sure to give my honest, most detailed opinion, especially on service experience. After all, this website was never made to profit brands, but to benefit the readers.

Social Media. Content for social media doesn’t have to be difficult for you. Let me do the copywriting and work my magic on your online community. Let’s talk if you’re up to collaborate.

SEO Writing. Be more visible in search engines by publishing articles that are easier read by Google.


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“Take a good look at God’s wonders—
they’ll take your breath away.” Psalms 66:5


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