Hello! My name is Louise.

In the process of going through the intricacies of life, there has always been a small voice within that instructs me to jot down the highs and lows of my days. Being forgetful made me mindful of these experiences.

I love taking landscape photos. There is magic in seeing the beauty on what others might perceive as ordinary, be it a coconut shell lying on the shore with lines of ants under it or even clumps of moss too slippery that it’s impossible to avoid. Somehow, somewhere in this vast space, everything, regardless of size and weight, takes a spot they can call their own — a proof that they are present.

This website was originally an information-rich blog for fellow travelers journeying the Philippines. At first, I wanted to share the wonders I encounter every time I was outdoors. Most of the time places felt like people — both needing a proper introduction, some getting used to, and eventually leaves you with a story that is hard to forget.

While I marked places after places, in the end, my heart was captured by a wonder far greater than anything the outdoors can show me, and that is my relationship with God.






What’s the meaning of Wonderfilled? Wonder, according to the English dictionary, is surprise mingled with admiration, caused by something beautiful, unexpected, unfamiliar, or inexplicable. That describes exactly how I see life. This blog is a compilation of things that give me wonder.

When did you start blogging?? I don’t overly plan my travels so I can’t say I regularly go out on trips. Let’s just say when friends invite me or express an interest to travel, I accommodate. *wink*

How often do you travel? Ahh, I started writing a journal as early as my grade school years. It then evolved to blogging when I got in high school. It was the typical dear diary set-up and I made sure not a single eye would be able to view it. I decided to blog and host it publicly when I started traveling in 2015.

Where do you get your resources (a.k.a. budget) for travel? Mostly, I save up for a trip. Other times I get sponsored travel or familiarization tours from media groups or brands.

What do you do for a living? Currently, I work with a number of brands as a content and social media manager. I also organize events on the side. The companies I work with allow me to manage my time.

Who do you travel with? I rarely go by myself. Usually, I travel with friends or bloggers/influencers on sponsored trips.

What is your favorite or dream destinations, local and international? So far, Silanguin Cove in Zambales is my favorite. I’m still dreaming of going to Morocco and Israel. Locally, I hope to explore more of Mindanao’s gems. Tawi-Tawi, perhaps.

What do I get from reading your blog? If you’re planning to visit different Philippine destinations, I share how-to guides and practical itineraries based on my firsthand experiences. Aside from the travel-related information, my blog gives emphasis to the simple wonders of life — daily wonders that are authored by God. Click here to read more about the blog!







The journal entries herein are written from my own thoughts and perspective. I understand that my opinion on various matters may challenge a certain philosophy. With all due respect, I am open to discussing our differences.

Do you have anything else in mind that you’d like to share with me? Suggestions, clarifications, travel proposals, speaking engagement, collaboration, writing gigs, or even a prayer? Message me and I’ll reply as soon as I can.


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“You are the light of the world. A city set on a hill cannot be hidden.” Matthew 5:14


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