Tropical Hot Spring: Relaxing Bathtime in Irosin

It’s always a good idea to soak in a good hot spring to relieve the muscle ache and give your body a time to rejuvenate, especially if you traveled from Manila to Bicol by land. (The 14-hours drive is not an easy stint!) My group and I looked forward to this one because it’s the only thing on our itinerary that didn’t require much movement — just pure relaxation.

The travel from Bulusan Volcano Natural Park to Brgy. Monbon in Irosin took about 40 minutes. When we got to the popular San Benon Hotspring, the resort guard informed us that we would be put on queue due to their full capacity. The line of tourists vans was a discouraging sight so we opted to find another hot spring resort to accommodate us. We ended up in a nearby resort called Tropical Hot Spring Paradise.



Pools 1 and 2.


Because Irosin rests at the bottom of Bulusan Volcano, geothermally heated groundwater arise. Irosin then is a hot spring town blessed with an infinite source of steamy spring pools to leave you feeling refreshed. The temperature of the spring isn’t as hot as Maquinit Hot Spring in Coron, Palawan, but it was warm enough to soothe the body to its core.


Third pool.


There are three pools in Tropical Hot Spring Paradise. The first two pools are easily seen after passing through the entrance gate. It shares the same area with the KTV setup, the cottages, and huts. Meanwhile, the third pool provides a feeling of privacy since guests would have to cross the mini bridge at the far corner of the resort. My group and I stayed in the third pool.



Time really flies when you are enjoying yourself. Unknowingly, we spent nearly 2 hours in the hot spring, relaxing in an open area surrounded by towering coconut trees and presented an enchanting view of nature. The volume of people may be overwhelming but once you claim a spot in the pool, everything becomes irrelevant.

It’s true that taking a dip in a hot spring is a must when you are in Sorsogon.


Guide to Irosin Tropical Hotspring Paradise

If you are coming as a group, there are cottages for rent.
To wash up, you would have to collect your bathing water via pail.
Snacks can be bought inside the resort. Guests may not eat when soaking in the pool.


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Tropical Hot Spring Paradise

Address: National Road, Mapaso Monbon, Irosin, 4707
Contact number: 0938 816 6190
Facebook page


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