Rainbow Village: Quirky, vibrant houses in Taiwan (TW Day 3)

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Rainbow village is a unique tourist spot here in Taichung known for the small colorful houses that would make you feel like you’re inside a children’s storybook. It is situated in Nantun district, and a bit far from the city center. Even though there’s nothing else to see in the area, tourists make their way to squeeze Rainbow Village in their itinerary because of the Instagrammable backdrop which has quickly grown to fame.

The place is as beautiful as its history. The government-owned village was once a housing project dedicated to soldiers during the Chinese Civil War in 1949. However, it was abandoned and was about to get demolished by the state in the 90s.

Huang Yong-Fu, also known as the Rainbow Grandpa, was one of the few people who remained in the village. Of the 1,200 homes in the community, only 11 were inhabited at that time. Upon hearing the demolition plans of the government, he painted the walls of his and his neighbors’ houses in 2010. Some students discovered the colorful village, and soon became one of the area’s top attractions.

Today, Huang Yong-Fu at 98 years old still resides in the village and sometimes spends his time finishing some more artwork or if you’re lucky, even chat and take photos with visitors.


Visiting Rainbow Village

November 26, 2019 — It was a sunny day when we visited Rainbow Village after our Miyahara Ice Cream tour. The popping vibrant colors of the village, composed of interconnected bungalows, stood out against the dull-painted buildings surrounding it. It had a vacant field beside it, and some stalls selling fruits and other snacks.


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The images painted on the walls and the cement ground were random doodles of interesting characters and symbols such as a heart, cats, and creatures that would remind you somehow of Hayao Miyazaki’s work.


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I was able to get a glimpse of Huang Yong-Fu, as he sat by the souvenir stall. Many people asked to get photos with him, and because of our time limit, my mom and I decided not to line up for the photo opportunity.


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Touring the whole area would only take about 10-15 minutes. There are people taking photos everywhere, so it’s important to explore other corners rather than wait for them to finish their poses.


Rainbow Village Taichung Taiwan (1)


At the end of the short tour, one would notice the playground slide and sandbox that would remind you that this place was painted with kids in mind. The bright hues and cute characters would cheer up any tourist who would visit the community!


Rainbow Village Taichung Taiwan (11)



Itinerary and price are not published because the tour is part of the Klook package availed by the author.


Guide to Rainbow Village in Taichung

    • There are souvenir shops and snack stores inside the village, in case you get thirsty or hungry.
    • Every corner feels like magic! If you have small children with you, Rainbow Village is a great place for them!
    • Come early to avoid crowding, or opt to visit on a weekday to fully enjoy the place.
    • Say hi to grandpa when you get the chance!
    • There is no fee to enter Rainbow Village, but you may donate or purchase items from their souvenir store.


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