Ocean Adventure Subic: Making friends with the dolphins

April 7, 2019 — I have known Ocean Adventure as a tourist attraction in Zambales since I was a child. Until today, I still have memories of being in this marine-theme park during our educational field trip in elementary school. Now that I’m a grown-up, it was nice to revisit this iconic park and see that nothing much has changed — the souvenir shop still sells the same items, the shows were pretty much the same, the tour was just as how I pictured it. Everything looked the same, except for a few performances and some facility upgrades.

First thing after getting past through the entrance, we were told to attend the Allies of the Ocean show. The show promotes the conservation of the ocean and marine life by being more conscious in our garbage disposal, the methods of fishing and other ways to protect the sea. I almost did not sit down to watch, remembering that as a child I wasn’t fond of it, but the performers caught my attention.

Far from what I recall, the show really captures the audience especially because of the rapport of The Velasco Brothers. I myself was hooked.




Other shows include Sea Lion Marine Patrol Wild World Art of Training and Sentinel of the Sea. For our brief stay, we only watched Sentinel of the Sea right after the Allies of the Ocean. The dolphin show started at exactly 4 in the afternoon. It stars bottlenose dolphins that were rescued and/or raised by Ocean Adventure’s marine conservation unit.





These intelligent mammals knew how to captivate everyone’s attention — either leaping out of the water, dancing synchronically with their trainers or wave their fins to the audience. While watching, it seemed that these sea creatures are having the best time here at the marine park. Their average life span, whether in wildlife or captivity, is about 25 years.





The show lasted 30 minutes. I have to admit that this visit revived my childhood experience and even surpassed the enjoyment I had back then. If you have a kid, or perhaps you are a child at heart, Ocean Adventure is still a great place to be amazed by the world of sea animals.





This trip was part of a media tour sponsored by Le Charme Suites. Itinerary and expense are not published.




Admission is inclusive of all Feature Shows and Aquarium Exhibits.
Adult – Php 788
Senior Citizen – Php 628
Children 12 years old and below – Php 628
Children under 30-inches – Free
Know the full rates here.


Ocean Adventure

Address: Camayan Wharf, West Ilanin Forest Area Subic Bay, Philippines 2222
Contact Number: (047)252-9000


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