Mykonos at Luljettas Place: The Greece of Antipolo

I have a question for people over 25 years old: when did you start noticing the change in your travel preference? I’ve been thinking about travel a lot lately, but I can’t muster the willpower to act on it. There are days when I feel like going out but at the same time refusing to move a muscle. It could be that I’m transitioning into another travel style or I’m just becoming lazier. (And it’s funny that I call myself a travel enthusiast, eh?)

Some destinations require a certain amount of energy while others demand absolutely nothing. At this point in my life, I find myself on many occasions choosing staycations over backpacking trips. If you’re experiencing the same things, then read on.

February 4, 2019 — With my good friend visiting the Philippines, the spa seemed to be the right venue for catching up. It was a no-brainer to go to Luljetta’s Place in Antipolo where the cool mountain breeze and an astonishing landscape views welcome you.

On its soft opening, we learned that Luljetta’s Place has recently opened another wing in their resort premises — called Mykonos at Luljettas — that will surely give people a luxurious take on rest.


Mykonos at Luljettas on the works.

Quick swim at sunset.

Crystal clear water.


The Mykonos at Luljettas Place is a splendid vacation property heavily influenced by Greek architecture. Nestled on a quiet hillside in Antipolo, the beautiful holiday villa echoes the harmony of a sleek structure and the raw beauty of nature.

Just imagine having this entire place for a day, enjoying a gorgeous view of the forest from a considerable height while drinking a summer smoothie. Forget the world and readjust your focus. Whether you’re in the mood to go swimming in the pool or you just feel like flipping some pages of your favorite book under the sun, you can find inspiration in every corner of this villa!


Beautiful pool scenery.

Mykonos Luljettas Antipolo

Some more construction activities were ongoing.

Colors of the sky at dusk.

Enveloped by nature.


The private villa has 3 executive rooms that can each fit 4 persons. Every room has its own air conditioning, two king-sized beds, a flat TV, a hot-and-cold shower, towels, cabinets, mini fridge, and a veranda. If you’re looking for a venue to celebrate special occasions, Mykonos at Luljettas is perfect for intimate gatherings such as birthdays and reunions.


Waking up to a Greek mansion.

Cozy veranda.


The moment I walked into the room, the white clear-lined interior captivated me. The minimalist yet smart play on colors made a subtle yet bold statement. Plus, the distinct fragrance that emanates throughout the room creates a calm and uplifting mood. You just know you’re in a heavenly place!


A room good for 4.

Stunning Grecian design.

A comfortable bed that fits 2.

Small details.


My stay at Luljetta’s Place wouldn’t have been complete without spending a day at their hanging garden and spa, of course. I remember my friend, Gab of Out of Town blog, brought me here about this time last year, too. We had a superb experience at the garden and the spa which you can know more here.


A vast garden that serves as a venue for intimate parties.

More places to hang out.

A breathtaking view of Laguna de Bay at the cafe.

It was called ‘hanging gardens’ for a reason, right?


I wasn’t really able to spend some time in the movie lounge before. So now I decided that I’ll use the chance to get to know the other facilities, like this one, better.  Obviously, unlike the fish spa and the infinity pool, this part of Luljetta’s Place seem to be overlooked. There was no other person who took interest in this part of the gardens.


Chilling in my robe.

Entering the movie lounge.


The movie lounge is not just a place for a movie marathon. It also allows guests to read books, play billiards, have a game of chess or try out the musical instruments. Just by observing this room, one would notice how each furniture pieces and design elements were handpicked to represent the rich culture of the Philippines. The woven garment with an intricate pattern from Zamboanga, for instance, is evidence of the owner’s passion for local arts and handicrafts.


Watch a movie or play a game, it’s up to you.

Many activities for group of friends.

Reading materials are also available.


As the world gets fast-paced, learn to slow down and embrace your own pace, your own approach to living each day to the full. I highly recommend going to this beautiful hillside resort to enjoy your personal time.


Mykonos Luljettas Antipolo (4)




How To Get To Mykonos at Luljettas

If you’re up for a commute, follow these steps as advised by Rodel Flordeliz:

From MRT Shaw Station, walk towards the terminal across Shang-ri La Plaza then look for a Jeepney or Van heading to Antipolo Church.

Jeepneys should be bound to Antipolo-Simbahan or Antipolo-Shopwise, Tanay (Tanay-Antipolo).
Fare is around Php 30 (Jeep) or Php 50 (Van).

Get off at Antipolo Church.

Ride a Tricycle and tell the driver to drop you at Loreland Farm Resort, which is also the location of Luljetta’s Place Hanging Gardens Spa and Garden Suites.


Luljetta’s Hanging Gardens and Spa

Address: Bienvenido Travel and Tours, Loreland Farm Resort, Brgy. San Roque, Antipolo City 1870
Contact Number: +63 917 544 4432 (for Globe) / +63 928 627 8897 (for Smart)
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