Miyahara Ice Cream: From an eye clinic to a dessert store (TW Day 3)

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The eye-catching red-brick building nearby Taichung Train Station, now Miyahara Ice Cream Shop, is a former eye clinic by Miyahara Takeo. The structure was known to be the largest opthalmologist clinic in Taichung during the Japanese colonial period.

When Japan surrendered in 1945, the building became the office of the Health Bureau. However, it was not long before the building became empty and decayed over time.

The red-brick building was restored by a pastry company famous for its pineapple cakes. Its owners preserved the signature red-brick facade and renovated the interiors to look like a set straight out from Hogwarts of the film Harry Potter.

Today, Miyahara is visited by tourists not only for its historical structure but also for its delicious delicacies and signature ice cream!


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November 25, 2019 — Although I won’t say no to ice cream myself, I kept wondering what was so special about Miyahara that we had to include it in the itinerary.

After eating a full meal for lunch at a noodle house nearby Park Lane CMP, we started walking towards Miyahara. The first shop we entered was a cozy industrial-style cafe that serves Miyahara ice cream. It took some time before my mom and I realized that the actual tourist spot is in another building, a few minutes walk away from the cafe.


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We walked going to the eye clinic while enjoying our ice creams. By the time we got to Miyahara’s famous red-brick building, my Earl-Grey Tea ice cream was already finished. Now I understand why it was worth a spot in our itinerary. It was delicious!


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Upon entering Miyahara, I got to see the Hogwarts-inspired library up close, but only a teenie-tiny portion of it. Tourists were only granted access to the ground floor, where pasalubongs are displayed for purchase. Then the rest of Miyahara was reserved for some special guests (as I recalled it, there was a private event at that time). I thought maybe because it was peak season, they’re also trying to control the crowd by limiting access.

To explain why my photos of Miyahara’s interior aren’t good, it’s because so many people were with us on the ground floor that we didn’t have enough space to get a good angle. Bummer. (If you want to see the photos given the ideal situation, check out this article.)

Anyway, after realizing that we don’t have anything else to do at Miyahara, we spent some time at the park across the building. And, look at the photos. The pond in the park had some koi fishes swimming in it!


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Itinerary and price are not published because the tour is part of the Klook package availed by the author.


Guide to Miyahara Ice Cream Shop

    • The walk going to the ice cream shop from the park will take about 5-7 minutes. 
    • Bring cash and get in line for the creamiest ice cream in the cafe.
    • Check out the library


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