New Taipei Sightseeing: Golden + Shifen Waterfall (TW Day 2)

November 25, 2019 — Included in our Klook tour itinerary is a side trip to two waterfalls located in New Taipei City in Taiwan. One is Golden Waterfall in Ruifang District and is a few minutes drive away from Jiufen Village. The other one is Shifen Waterfall in Pingxi District, about two kilometers from Shifen Station/Shifen Old Street.

Golden Waterfall

We first went to see Golden Waterfall after our adventure in Yehliu Geopark and a quick sightseeing session by the Yin-Yang Sea. At 11:50 in the morning, our bus braved the mountainside road as we approached Golden Waterfall — another side trip before our next big destination, Jiufen Village.

At first glance, one would think that the water is filthy because of the odd reddish color. The name, however, was derived from its unique rust-colored soil and running water, which is a natural occurrence due to high mineral content such as sulfur, copper ore, and arsenic found in the land.

The water flowing from Golden Waterfall then goes straight to the Yin-Yang Sea.


Mountainside view.

Golden rocks with flowing water.


The Golden waterfall is found on the roadside at a high point of the hill. Our bus was parked awkwardly at the opposite side of the road. There is a viewing deck where tourists line up to pose for a photo with the waterfall in sight. It’s not a grand waterfall, but the quick photo opportunity (and looking at it up close) is still worth it.



Because of the long queue, my mother and I didn’t have enough time to admire the attraction. I guess this was it, nothing much to see. The sky turned from bright to dark as our bus proceeded to Jiufen Village.


Reddish soil and bright golden waters.

Water flows down from Golden Waterfall to Yin-Yang Sea.

Shifen Waterfall

After enjoying our afternoon at Jiufen Village, we went to see Shifen Waterfall next. The rain poured down when we came to the site and unfortunately, my clothes weren’t fit for this kind of weather. My mom and I had no umbrella but we wore hoodies so we used that to cover ourselves in the rain. Our tour guide, Norman, out of kindness lent us his umbrella. (That’s sweet!)


Shifen Waterfall Taiwan (1)

Suspension Bridge.


The area surrounding Shifen Waterfall is turned into a huge eco-park where a souvenir store, dining hall, market, and different walking trails are established for tourism purposes. Sadly, we went on a gloomy day and had to focus on the boardwalk to avoid slipping. There are multiple viewing decks but we were able to take a full stop at the first one, right after the suspension bridge.


Shifen Waterfall Taiwan (1)

Shifen Waterfall Taiwan (1)


It’s no wonder it was also called the “Little Niagara Falls” of Taiwan. The waterfall is said to have a total stand at 66 ft in height and 130 ft in width, thus making it the broadest waterfall in Taiwan.


Shifen Waterfall Taiwan (1)


There was another viewing deck, near the common washroom. However, it’s more popular among tourists since it offers a closer view of the waterfalls.


Guide to New Taipei Waterfalls

Bring an umbrella or better yet, a raincoat. It’s a must. The weather in this area usually is bright in the morning and gloomy later in the day.

Wear shoes fit for long walks. (Long walks!)

It’s rare to catch a spot without a person taking a photo near it. Always be on the alert with your camera and poses so you could have a money shot to bring home.


Itinerary and Budget

Day 2
8:15 AM Meetup at GaKuden Bakery nearby Ximen Station 4
8:30 AM Start tour, ETD to Yehliu Geopark ₱ 1,010/head (daytour package from Klook, with Yehliu Entrance Ticket)
9:30 AM ETA Yehliu Geopark, free time
10:40 AM ETD to Ying Yang Sea, and 13 Layers Remains
11:25 AM Ying Yang Sea + 13 Layer Remains
11:40 AM ETD to Golden Waterfall NTD 75/person
11:50 AM ETA at Golden Waterfall
12:00 PM ETD to Jiufen
12:10 PM ETA at Jiufen, free time
2:10 PM ETD to Shifen Waterfall
2:50 PM ETA at Shifen Waterfall, tour
3:40 PM ETD to Shifen Old Street
3:50 PM ETA at Shifen Old Street, free time
5:00 PM ETD to Ximen Exit 4
6:15 PM ETA at Ximen Exit 4
6:20 PM Back to Hotel, washup
6:50 PM ETD to Shihlin Night Market, via MRT
7:10 PM ETA at Shihlin Night Market
9:00 PM ETD to Hotel, via MRT


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