Royal Air Flight Review: Flying on the Whisper Jet

Let’s be honest. Even on the best days out there, riding an airplane can still become nerve-wracking. There are just so many things that could get out of hand.

Picture this. You pack your bags and carry them by yourself going to the airport, no matter how heavy or many your bags are. You double-check every detail to make sure you get your everything right — IDs, schedule, tickets. You arrive at the airport early. When boarding, you constantly remove your belt and earrings when you pass through the security. You wait at the boarding area. You somehow worry about the flight getting delayed. Finally, you hopped into the plane but you’re guessing who might take the seat next to you. A crying baby? A teenager with no sense of personal space? Then you also think about legroom. And then, right after the flight, you feel slightly faint or dizzy but you have to keep moving.

It may seem like a breeze to get through all these, but little do we know that we are beaten up with emotional stress when we fly. This is why I think it is very important that travelers are given extra pampering. Small acts of hospitality like a warm smile or a cheerful “good day” make a big difference.

Great flying experience no longer comes at a high price. Royal Air, a new commercial airline that launched its passenger flights last December 2018, gives Filipino travelers the opportunity to feel like true royalty when traveling in the skies. The following describes my first time flying with Royal Air.


May 20, 2019 — I was one of the passengers who took the maiden flight of Royal Air from Manila to Cebu. It was two in the morning when I arrived at Terminal 4 of Manila International Airport and by then, two Royal Air  Check-in counters were open to accommodate travelers.




The queue was long because of the high volume of cargo being weighed in. Each passenger enjoys a free 10 kgs. checked baggage on top of the 7 kgs. hand-carried baggage. I assume that the people I’m sharing this flight with are going home to their provinces, carrying much load on their way. Nonetheless, when it was my turn, the attendant politely checked my identification card and my e-ticket, weighed my hand-carried bag, and sealed a sticker on it. Just like that, I was ready for boarding.

All passengers were lined up and assisted until we were settled. The cabin crew assisted me while I placed my backpack in the overhead bin. Not long after, the aircraft left the airport on time.




The 97-seater British Aerospace (BAe) AVRO 146 RJ-100 series, a four-engine regional airliner also known as Whisperjet, is what Royal Air utilizes for its quiet operation. Its takeoff was smooth and we were in the air in no time.





At around 5 o’ clock in the morning, the sunrise peaked at the window. True to its name Whisperjet, I heard no other noise aside from the soft mutter of the people talking in the background. It was a moment to recharge and fall asleep.





I found it delightful that the temperature of the airplane was not too cold. I could easily grab a book and read it in solitude without worries of shivering due to very chilly atmosphere. Plus, I also did not have to go back and forth to the lavatory.





What I like most about the aircraft, out of all its features, is the space. The seats were not cramped at all. Unlike other airlines, the huge legroom made my flight experience comfortable enough that I could cross my legs freely!

Mid-way through the flight, the cabin crew passed out bottles of water and packs of bread for all passengers. The free snack was an unexpected treat!




After 1.5 hours of air travel, I was only half-awake when the aircraft came to a full halt. I thought it was just a slight bump but I didn’t realize we already landed in Mactan International Airport until the cabin crew announced that we have arrived. The smooth landing gave Whisper Jet justice. (Of course, kudos to the pilot, too!)





Guide to flying with Royal Air

  • For convenience, visit their website at to book.
  • Check out the flight schedule posted on their homepage to easily navigate available dates to your preferred destination.
  • Watch out for seat sales and other exciting promos! Like their Facebook and Instagram pages for updates.
  • Interested in flying with these good guys? Check out my cheat sheet for a smooth experience with Royal Air!


Royal Air Philippines

Manila Satellite Office: Unit 707-5 Columbia Complex Bldg. Unit 707-5 Columbia Complex Bldg., Ninoy Aquino Ave., Paranaque City, Metro Manila, Philippines 1704
Contact Number:  (02) 863 2880
Hotline operating hours: 9am – 10pm, Monday to Sunday



  1. Can i book a flight even though i have no credit or debit card? Any payment center na pwede?

    1. Hi Kings! Yes, marami na din silang options like ECPay, SM Tickets and 7-11 stores. To guide you with booking, I also wrote about it here:

  2. Hi Louise,

    First of all, awesome blog! Thanks for sharing. Regarding the free 10kgs checked in baggage, is that for all the flights booked under Royal air? I have an upcoming flight to Caticlan this October and I just wanted to make sure that free baggage is for all Royal air bookings. Thanks in advanace and God bless!

    1. Hi Juni! Yes, every passenger gets to enjoy the free 10kgs checked baggage allowance. That’s apart from the 7kgs handcarry 🙂

      1. Thanks Louise! God bless! 🙂

  3. hi, safe naman po bang sumakay? ang mura kasi ng fare nila

    1. Hi Chelsea! Just saw this now. YES nakaka-ilang sakay na ako with Royal Air pa-Boracay. Experience is smooth naman every time sumasakay ako. Plus ang mura nila.

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