Baler Ditumabo Mother Falls: Beauty in San Luis, Aurora

Approximately 300 kilometers away from Imus City in Cavite, one will find Baler’s awe-inspiring geographic formations such as cove, waterfalls, hills, and of course, beaches. Baler is popular for surfing, but what most people do not know is that it also holds natural spots that are highly enjoyable for non-surfers like me. One of these is Ditumabo Falls, also known Mother Falls.

June 16, 2019 — On our second day, we trekked to see Ditumabo Falls. In terms of geographics, the so-called Mother Falls is located in the neighboring town, San Luis, but is usually tagged to Baler because it is usually packaged as a destination when touring Baler.

Known as Mother Falls, it stands at 140 feet with water coming from Sierra Madre Mountain Range. The 30-minute trek involved some ducking and river-crossing, but after the journey, you’ll be rewarded with nature’s majestic wonder.



Trekking waterfalls has always been my favorite part of going on nature trips, and Aurora didn’t disappoint. This one offered an easy yet exciting trail, which involves irregular rocky paths and amazing views along the way. (If you’re not fully convinced about your endurance, there are multiple areas where you can take a quick stop and rest. Some stopovers also have stores that sell bottled water and snacks.)



The first thing that I noticed was the old-looking pipes installed and visible throughout the trail. Our tour guide told us that is a hydro pipe used to supply the electricity in the locality. It was referred to as Baler Hydro Power Plants. The addition of these giant pipes in the scene made the trek feel like we were in an abandoned site where zombies were about to appear from nowhere!



Half of the trail, if I recall it correctly, was already cemented. All throughout this adventure, the lush was a big help in giving the tourists a shade from direct sun. Perhaps the only difficulty at this portion was fighting the slipperiness. Other than that, it was a breezy walk. I can already hear the splashes of the waterfalls and the chorus voice of the crowd from not so faraway.



Once we reached the waterfalls, we witnessed a thick crowd enjoying a dip in the basin. If you’re planning to swim, which I recommend, it is good to know in advance that the basin is shallow and (very) rocky, plus the pressure from the waterfalls pushes you, causing you to be tripped over. Careful! It wasn’t raining when we went to Ditumabo Falls and so we were able to get there a fast as 30 minutes. I am thankful that the weather at that time was cooperative.

Majestic and enchanting are words not enough to describe the jaw-dropping view. This is the highlight of my entire Baler trip.





Photos by: Renz Dupitas


Guide to Ditumabo Mother Falls

This is a popular place even for locals so expect that it can get crowded.

Guests are not allowed to trek on their own. A tour guide is a must. Fees were ₱30/person (entrance fee), ₱200/tour guide (tour guide fee), ₱150/tour guide (tour guide tip * up to you how much).

Don’t wear slippery sandals! Muddy walks await!

Do not go beyond the rope when trying to get close to the falls!


Itinerary and Budget

Day 1
12:15 AM ETD to Baler from Buendia ₱54/vehicle (NLEX toll fee), ₱327/vehicle (SCTEX toll fee)
6:15 AM ETA Costa Pacifica Baler ₱300/person (entrance fee), ₱50/vehicle (parking fee)
6:45 AM ETA Dicasalarin Cove
9:15 AM ETD to Diguisit Beach
9:25 AM ETA at Diguisit Beach
9:35 AM ETD to Baler Public Market to eat brunch
10:00 AM ETA Baler Public Market, eat brunch
10:45 AM ETD to Sabang Beach
11:30 AM ETA Sabang Beach
1:00 PM Early check-in at Balituk Resort, settle down, wash up, nap
3:00 PM Swim at Sabang Beach, free time
6:00 PM Eat dinner at Masilig
7:15 PM Socials, rest, free time
10:15 PM Sleep
Day 2
5:15 AM Wake up, freshen up
6:10 AM ETD to Ampere Beach
6:45 AM ETA Ampere Beach
7:10 AM ETD to Museo de Baler
7:30 AM ETA Museo de Baler ₱30/person (entrance fee)
8:05 AM ETD to Baler Hanging Bridge
8:10 AM ETA Hanging Bridge ₱20/vehicle (parking fee)
8:30 AM ETD to Balituk Baler
8:45 AM ETA Balituk, eat breakfast, pack up, check out
9:40 AM ETD to Ditumabo Falls
10:15 AM ETA Ditumabo Falls
10:40 AM Jumpoff point, register, start trek ₱30/person (entrance fee), ₱200/tour guide (tour guide fee), ₱150/tour guide (tour guide tip)
11:15 AM ETA Waterfalls
12:15 PM ETD to jumpoff
12:30 PM ETA jumpoff, wash selves ₱10/person (shower fee)
1:05 PM ETD to Balete Park
1:35 PM ETA Balete Park ₱15/person (entrance fee)
1:55 PM ETD Manila
4:45 PM Stopver at Cabanatuan Jollibee, eat
5:30 PM Back to travel ₱83/vehicle (NLEX toll fee)
10:30 PM ETA Buendia


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