Dicasalarin Cove: Baler’s beach with stunning views

Approximately 300 kilometers away from Imus City in Cavite, one will find Baler’s awe-inspiring geographic formations such as cove, waterfalls, hills, and of course, beaches.

Baler is popular for surfing, but what most people do not know is that it also holds natural spots that are highly enjoyable for non-surfers like me. One of these is Dicasalarin Cove. If you’re up for a picnic, a swim or a brief hike up the Baler Lighthouse, this is a great destination for you. 

June 15, 2019 — Coming from our 6-hour travel from Manila, we arrived in Baler early in the morning and went straight to Costa Pacifica who manages the privately owned Dicasalarin Cove. We read over the blogs and reviews online that the registration for the cove is at the resort, but shockingly, we were told by the resort staff that non-guests can walk-in directly to the site. Although appalled, we realized that even the most recent blogs were outdated.

It was about 15-minutes drive. The path going to the entrance gate of Dicasalarin Cove was steep. The lane was fit for just one vehicle, so going uphill at a peak time would be difficult to manage. Fortunately, we were the earliest guest to arrive that day and we didn’t have any problem with the possibility of encountering another car.

The gate opens at 7:00 AM, so we waited a while before someone attended to us. Five minutes before the opening time, the staff already let us in and assisted us with registration. The entrance fee for non-resort guests was ₱300 per person, while ₱150 per person for Costa Pacifica guests. The parking fee costs ₱50 per vehicle.

After logging in their guestbook, it took about a 3-minute drive along the single-lane rocky road going down the cove before we could officially say we have arrived. The direction signs were hardly visible but with our keen attention to detail, we spotted the small wooden signage that indicated we were already in the parking area. We grabbed our bags and took a walk to the beach, which was only about 3-5 minutes from the parking lot.


Dicasalarin Cove



What surprised us was the smooth feeling of creamy sands against the soles of our feet. Although it absorbed the heat from the direct sun exposure, it was undeniably soft against the skin and was somehow therapeutic. Frisbee? Swimming? Or perhaps camping? The beach is an open playground for guests who are avid nature lovers! There were also huts with tables and seats that are available for visitors to occupy while on the site.


Dicasalarin Cove



Looking at the east side from a distance, the lighthouse was visible. Its unique triangular shape piques curiosity and interests among beach visitors, making it impossible to overlook this beautiful structure. Reaching the top was another story. We braved the hundred and seventy steps going up to the lighthouse. It’s a steep climb and most of the handrails were shakey so my advice? You better work out your balance and fear of heights. However, once you’re on top of the hill, you’ll be astonished by the panoramic sight of the cove and the cliffs.


Dicasalarin Cove




Guide to Dicasalarin Cove

Prepare for steep drive going down the cove from the registration site! Ask for assistance to avoid encountering another vehicle.

Rates for non-hotel guests is ₱300/person (entrance fee) and ₱50/vehicle (parking fee).

There is a restaurant on the site, widely known for its tasty pizza. Unfortunately, when we were there it seemed close.

Be extra careful when going up the lighthouse. The handrails were unstable and there were no rope chains to restrict guests from looking down the cliff.



Itinerary and Budget

Day 1
12:15 AM ETD to Baler from Buendia ₱54/vehicle (NLEX toll fee), ₱327/vehicle (SCTEX toll fee)
6:15 AM ETA Costa Pacifica Baler ₱300/person (entrance fee), ₱50/vehicle (parking fee)
6:45 AM ETA Dicasalarin Cove
9:15 AM ETD to Diguisit Beach
9:25 AM ETA at Diguisit Beach
9:35 AM ETD to Baler Public Market to eat brunch
10:00 AM ETA Baler Public Market, eat brunch
10:45 AM ETD to Sabang Beach
11:30 AM ETA Sabang Beach
1:00 PM Early check-in at Balituk Resort, settle down, wash up, nap
3:00 PM Swim at Sabang Beach, free time
6:00 PM Eat dinner at Masilig
7:15 PM Socials, rest, free time
10:15 PM Sleep
Day 2
5:15 AM Wake up, freshen up
6:10 AM ETD to Ampere Beach
6:45 AM ETA Ampere Beach
7:10 AM ETD to Museo de Baler
7:30 AM ETA Museo de Baler ₱30/person (entrance fee)
8:05 AM ETD to Baler Hanging Bridge
8:10 AM ETA Hanging Bridge ₱20/vehicle (parking fee)
8:30 AM ETD to Balituk Baler
8:45 AM ETA Balituk, eat breakfast, pack up, check out
9:40 AM ETD to Ditumabo Falls
10:15 AM ETA Ditumabo Falls
10:40 AM Jumpoff point, register, start trek ₱30/person (entrance fee), ₱200/tour guide (tour guide fee), ₱150/tour guide (tour guide tip)
11:15 AM ETA Waterfalls
12:15 PM ETD to jumpoff
12:30 PM ETA jumpoff, wash selves ₱10/person (shower fee)
1:05 PM ETD to Balete Park
1:35 PM ETA Balete Park ₱15/person (entrance fee)
1:55 PM ETD Manila
4:45 PM Stopver at Cabanatuan Jollibee, eat
5:30 PM Back to travel ₱83/vehicle (NLEX toll fee)
10:30 PM ETA Buendia


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