Calintaan Cave, Matnog: Sorsogon’s Magical Cave Pool

April 18, 2019 — A pink sand beach, a lone island, a cave pool, and a fish sanctuary made up the first item in our Sorsogon day tour itinerary. The island hopping package (₱1,600/boat) covered four attractions namely Tikling Island, Subic Beach, Juag Lagoon and Calintaan Cave.

Calintaan Cave was the last item on our island hopping itinerary, right after our brief tour at Subic Beach. In all honesty, I almost had no idea of what to expect on this Matnog adventure, especially Calintaan Cave. I didn’t find time to research well for it given the workload I had prior to this trip. Plus, there was not much information about Calintaan Island except for Subic Beach, and it seemed to me (based on the lack of internet buzz) that the cave wasn’t quite as impressive as the other attractions we visited earlier.

But boy, I’m glad I was wrong. Everything I read over the internet in preparation for this trip barely scratched the surface of the actual experience. The boatmen gave me the impression that Subic Beach was already the highlight of all this, however, I think Calintaan Cave made its way to the top of the list.





The low-key star attraction is situated on the other face of Calintaan Island, which makes it inaccessible for tourists unless they travel via an outrigger boat. It has many underground tunnels passing through its 40-hectare land. Our travel going there took 15 minutes from Subic Beach. At first, nothing seemed too striking about the island — jagged cliffs covered in lush vegetation was all there was — until we reached the area where several cave openings came to our view.



The mouth of the cave skylight covered in trees.


The minute we were told that we’ve arrived at Calintaan Cave, we swam into the waters in no time. The tour operator guided us inside the tunnel with a narrow, rocky passageway and low ceilings. It was a short tunnel that first led us to a majestic cave skylight and ultimately, to an open-air cave.

One of the most noticeable things upon reaching the open-air cave were the stacked rocks. It left me in awe how the stones were able to hold tight for some time. My mom, brother and I also tried balancing the stones but only my brother pulled it off. (Well… my mom and I did try.)




The boatman told us that the cave wasn’t open to the public before because many believed that it is housed by unseen entities and spirits. Up to this very day, he said, spirits dwell on the area and sometimes express displeasure toward loud tourists by making the pool’s waves stronger or higher. The place may have its history, but with or without the legend, I believe it is imperative that tourists respect nature.




The cave pool offered us a place where we can slow down, relax, and revel in the splendor of this (not-so) hidden gem. It was a slice of heaven on earth, I must say. People came and went but we stayed for forty minutes just adoring the peace in here. It pleased us that the only crystal clear sound one will hear is the sound of the water slamming against the pebble rocks. The rest is just faint noise of either bird chirping or other tourists talking in whispers.




My group and I spent the longest time inside Calintaan Cave Pool yet we still felt lovesick about leaving it. If you plan to visit Calintaan Cave, may you also feel the tranquility as we did.



Guide to Calintaan Cave, Matnog

    • For standardized rates, avail of the services of boatmen under Kuya Eddie’s association.
    • Bring food before your island hopping tour. There is a market just nearby the Port of Matnog.
    • You can only visit Calintaan Cave during low-tide. Make sure to start your tour early.
    • The earliest boat trip starts at 6am and the last is at 5pm. Tour early to avoid crowding of boats and people.

Contact Person/s

Boat Service (Island Hopping Tour)

Contact Person: Kuya Eddie Evasco
Mobile Number: (0926) 1404577, (0928) 2538607


Itinerary and Budget


April 17, 2019 3:30 AM Travel to Legazpi from Cavite About ₱850-950/head (bus fare)
8:30 PM Check in to Selvina’s Hotel in Sorsogon City ₱2,300/room(max of 4)
April 18, 2019 5:00 AM Wake up, prepare
6:00 AM Travel to Matnog port
7:15 AM ETA at Matnog port, register at the boatment association ₱150/parking space (day); ₱200/parking space (overnight) ₱1,600/boat (rental for island daytour); ₱2,000/boat (rental for overnight island stay); ₱50/head (registration fee); ₱20/head (environmental fee)
8:20 AM ETD to Tikling Island (donation)
8:35 AM ETA at Tikling Island Donation may be given.
9:15 AM ETD to Subic Beach
9:40 AM ETA at Subic Beach ₱500-₱600/cottage (day tour)
10:05 AM ETD to Calintaan Cave
10:20 AM ETA at Calintaan Cave
11:00 AM ETD to Juag Lagoon
11:15 AM ETA Juag Lagoon, straight to jump-off
11:30 AM ETA boatman association office, wash up
12:15 PM Stop by Ateng Liza Bulalohan, eat lunch
1:00 PM ETD to Bulusan Volcano Park
2:30 PM ETA at Bulusan Volcano Park ₱20/person (entrance fee for adult); ₱15/person (entrance fee for kid)
3:15 PM ETD to Irosin hot springs
4:00 PM ETA at Irosin Tropical hot springs ₱20/person (entrance fee for adult)
6:00 PM ETD to Legazpi City
8:00 PM ETA at Legazpi, eat dinner at Biggs
9:30 PM ETD to find hotel
9:45 PM ETA at Avia Inn, check in ₱1,200/room (max of 4 pax)
April 19, 2019 6:00 AM Wake up, prep, eat breakfast
8:35 AM ETD to Daraga Church
8:45 AM ETA at Daraga Church
9:00 AM ETD to Embarcadero
9:20 AM ETA at Embarcadero
9:35 AM ETD Bicol Heritage Park
10:00 AM ETA at Bicol Heritage Park
10:10 AM ETD to Cagsawa Ruins
10:30 AM ETA at Cagsawa Ruins ₱20/person (entrance fee for adult); ₱15/person (entrance fee for kid); ₱30/parking space
11:15 AM ETD to Sumlang Lake
11:15 AM ETA Sumlang Lake / ETD to Cagraray
1:00 PM ETA at Cagraray Eco Park ₱25/person (entrance fee)
1:45 PM ETD Daraga
3:00 PM ETA First Colonial Legazpi, eat late lunch
4:00 PM ETD to Naga City
6:45 PM ETA at Naga City, check-in at Centro Square Hotel ₱1,200/room (good for 3 pax), ₱600/extra bed
April 20, 2019 5:30 AM Wake up, prep
6:45 PM Check out hotel, travel back to Cavite
7:00 PM ETA home


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