Bohol Biodiversity Complex: Discovering Bohol’s flora and fauna

November 8, 2019 — It was a 40-minute drive from Loay to Bohol Biodiversity Complex (BBC) in Bilar. Our afternoon schedule was supposed to be for a tree-planting activity but we skipped it. Instead, we attended a lecture that discussed the biodiversity in Bohol, and the initiatives made to sustain them.

According to its page, Bohol Biodiversity Complex is a product of Bohol Environmental Code of 1998, to help protect and conserve Bohol’s different flora and fauna, particularly its endemic tree species. It continues to raise awareness and conservation concerns among both locals and tourists.

Surrounded by 1.2 hectares of rainforest, the complex serves as a great starting point to see various endemic tree seedlings. Visitors get to take in the breathtaking view while they participate in the greening program, all in the name of bringing back the glory of Bohol’s diminishing biodiversity. The facility also houses a training center, organic vegetable gardens, a greenhouse, vermicomposting facility, farm animal sheds, reforestation area, Karst trail, gene bank, and a dipterocarp mini-laboratory. There are also lodging quarters for anyone keen on lending a hand to sustainability and tackling all the BBC has to offer.

The sprawling grounds make it ideal as a camping ground or a picnic site. You can also take the time to take some selfies to make the trip even more worthwhile.



After the tour and the lecture, we ate local delicacies that are also considered Boholanos pride. The afternoon didn’t go as planned, but one thing I’m sure of is that the BBC is a fantastic place to reconnect with ourselves and truly discover more about nature.

If you are planning to go here for the tree-planting tour, there rate for a group of 15 persons is ₱1,850.00. It includes the bigger bags of seedling, your name plate, corn coffee/bottle of water.

For individuals, the entrance fee is ₱100 per head.

Recommended attire is long pants and a long-sleeved top if possible to protect your skin from caterpillars. It is advised to wear rubber shoes or sandals.  You must also bring a cap or hat, especially during the summer!

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This tour was sponsored by Bluewater Resort Panglao.



Bohol Biodiversity Complex

Address: Bohol Biodiversity Council, Roxas, Bilar
Email address:
Contact number: (038) 535-9315
Operating Hours: Mondays to Fridays, 8 AM – 5 PM, Holidays & Weekends (Saturday & Sunday) are on request basis.


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