Villa Jovita Resort: Bali-inspired playground in Batangas

Quite frankly, it’s a dream to fly to Bali and get a piece of the all the action myself. The opportunity to travel abroad hasn’t presented itself yet, but there are other ways to experience the adventure without having to book a flight. If you’re looking to swing high above the trees, Villa Jovita Resort is a slice of that playful corner in Bali!

If you’re following celebrities and online stars on Instagram whose passion is traveling, I’m absolutely certain that you’ve heard or seen in photos the giant swings in the upland town of Ubud in Bali, Indonesia. The spectacular view of the forest, the bird aeries, and hanging nests are all part of the said attraction. A piece of that is in Batangas!


November 3, 2018 — In the Philippines, All Soul’s Day hasn’t always been just about paying respect to the loved ones who passed away. It’s also about spending quality time with families and friends, people who are actively part of the now.

I’m glad to say that I’ve spent my long weekend with a great friend, Renee, who’s got my back through thick and thin. Since both of us got no plans for the weekend, we came up with the idea of going to Villa Jovita at 2 am. It was funny that by 5:30 of the same morning, we were already making things happen. The supposed catch-up over coffee became a spontaneous adventure on the road! Having just an hour of sleep did not stop us from chasing the moment.

Villa Jovita Resort is a three-hour ride away from Manila. Aside from being commuter-friendly, the place is a good catch because it is not pricey (yet) and accommodates walk-in guests for day tours. To make it better, guests can select which amenities they would want to visit. For those who only want the Bali Corner experience, all they have to pay is ₱250 per person with no time restrictions.


Villa Jovita Bali Batangas

Villa Jovita Bali Batangas

Villa Jovita Bali Batangas


Bali Corner has earned social media fame overnight. Since its opening last September, the resort has piqued curiosity both in the online world and television as well. No wonder then why this new destination becomes a hotspot for Instagram vacationists.

The long queues may start to form early in the day so we made sure to cover that area first. True enough, at 9:30 am, there were already a handful of lines for each attraction. The Bali Corner, when viewed from afar, looked nothing but underwhelming. In actual, the bird aeries were just located in random places and each attraction sat close to one another.

As soon as I got the hang of how things work around here, the place became admirable when each attraction is appreciated closely and separately. For an instance, the aeries are intricately woven twigs that resemble a birdnest and it amazed me how it blends so well with nature. You could truly see how simple and elegant these handicrafts are! There are 3 bird aeries of different sizes in Bali Corner but the largest one, situated on the right hand of the Giant Swing, offers the best view among the three.


Villa Jovita Bali Batangas

Villa Jovita Bali Batangas

Villa Jovita Bali Batangas


The other work of art here is the hanging nest. It took us a considerable amount of time to take a photo on this attraction because of the queue. The hanging nest is placed at the center of the Bali Corner and easily becomes the focal point upon entrance to the amenity. When it was our turn, we used the wooden ladder to climb this nest. It could get awkward to smile for the camera while people look up and wait till you get finished. My advice is not to mind the eyes in a place as gorgeous as this!


Villa Jovita Bali Batangas

Villa Jovita Bali Batangas


The best part of the day was the Giant Swing experience. This spot made us wait for more than 20 minutes. Each person gets around 3 minutes of swing time, which was brief yet phenomenal! I must admit that I have a fear of such great height but this swing could be the only exception. Once the breeze softly touched my face and the breathtaking panorama of the green field and the vine-covered forest are at sight, all the hesitation faded away!

For precautions, the operator buckled up the straps of the safety harness. Before the ride, I was so nervous that I jokingly asked the operator to push gently so I wouldn’t swing up so high. I regretted making that request the moment the three minutes were over.


Villa Jovita Bali Batangas

Villa Jovita Bali Batangas


The staff who assisted the guests were very approachable and polite. When asked to help me take photos, the lady staff showed off her photography skills and were all over the place trying to capture every angle. Take note, she even directed me to look back at her for this shot. (See below.)


Villa Jovita Bali Batangas


Aside from the Bali Corner, Villa Jovita also boasts of their layers of natural spring pools under the canopy of bamboo trees. With a serene view of the river, the resort offers a relaxing ambiance that’s close to nature.


Guide to Villa Jovita Resort

    • Villa Jovita Resort only accommodates inquiries from 8 am to 5 pm daily.
    • The resort offer rooms and tents for those who want to stay overnight. Make sure to contact the management ahead of time to reserve.
    • Visit on weekdays to avoid the crowd. On weekends, there are long lines for the Bali Corner and the pools are also loaded with people.
    • For a side trip, visit Taal Heritage Town and Minor Basilica of Saint Martin of Tours. These iconic spots can be traveled by tricycle.


How to get to Villa Jovita

  1. Ride any bus going to Lemery, Batangas. If you’re coming from Manila, take DLTB Bus. (Fare is at ₱180/head from DLTB Cubao, 3 hours) If you’re coming from Cavite, you may go to Pala-pala van terminal across Robinson’s Dasma and take a passenger van going to Lemery, Batangas. (Fare is at ₱140/head, 1.5 hour)
  2. Alight at Xentro Mall.
  3. There are triycles lined up in front of 7-11 convenience store. Hail a tricycle to take you to Villa Jovita. One tricycle is good for 3-4 pax, the average fare is ₱80/tricycle per way. You may haggle the price for as low as ₱60. Travel time is 5-8 mins.


Day Tour Rates

Bali Corner  + Riverside Pools

Bali Corner  + Riverside Pool + Upper Pool

Bali Corner

Riverside Pools

All Pools

All Access

Cottages (Good for 10-12 pax)

Open huts

Nipa huts


Itinerary and Budget

07:45 am Wait for van to to fill up passengers (time may vary) ₱140/head (van fare)
08:00 am ETD to Lemery
9:30 AM ETA Xentro Mall, ride tricycle ₱80/tricycle
9:35 am ETA Villa Jovita Resort, register ₱400/head (all-access fee); ₱20/head (5th Registration)
09:40 am Giant swing and nests
12:00 nn Eat lunch ₱120/average meal (e.g. tapsilog)
01:00 pm Swim in springwater pools, free time
02:00 pm Shower, pack up, eat merienda, free time
03:30 pm Tricycle back to Xentro Mall ₱80/tricycle
3:35 PM Xentro Mall, restroom break
3:45 PM Ride van to Pala-pala, Cavite ₱140/head (van fare)
4:00 PM ETD to Cavite
7:00 PM ETA Robinson’s Pala-pala


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Villa Jovita Resort

Address: Santa Cruz, Agoncillo, Batangas 4211
Operating hours: 8am – 6pm
Contact number: 0935 688 2962
Facebook page: Villa Jovita Facebook




  1. any contact number? kz 2weeks na kmi ng aattempt na magpabooked tru call wala nasagot sa post nyong number

    1. Hi! I’m not affiliated with them but you may reach them through

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