Happy Hangout: South Pub, Alabang

Alabang seem to have the best restaurants in town! At the heart of Filinvest Avenue is a new hangout spot that young professionals and avid wine drinkers would love. The tavern has its own charm, even with foosball table available to anyone who’s up for a game. South Pub in Alabang is a nice place for catching up, laughing the night out and just spending a great time with friends over good food and drinks.



For starters, I had the awesome-tasting nachos. The usual tortilla chips are made of corn but South Pub discovered a trick to make nachos even more enjoyable. By utilizing flour instead of corn, the classic Nachos (₱270) rocked a lighter, simpler taste! The starter dish is generously covered in thick cheese and meaty toppings and is served with a fresh salsa dip. It was unique and delightful, good for sharing with friends! Next on the lineup of the appetizers was the Pulmones de Cerdo (₱220), a dish made of pig lungs and heart. The spicy piquant dish, called Bopis in Filipino, was used as a bread dip.


South Pub Nachos

Nachos (₱270)

Pulmones de Cerdo (₱220)


The Allison (₱350) is a grilled cheese sandwich with a touch of Filipino. Instead of the classic pulled pork or ham slices as the filling, South Pub used Sisig. The chef says it’s best eaten with tomato soup on the side. Innovative, eh? This is something Filipinos would love to try! You know what else the locals would love? Chicken! This juicy and flavorful roasted butterflied chicken is called Spatchcock Chicken (₱750). It’s the elevated version of Pinoy Inasal. Eat it with the Crispy Adobo Rice (₱220), fried rice with heavenly bits of lechon kawali sauteed in adobo sauce.


South Pub Alabang

The Allison (₱350)

Spatchcock Chicken (₱750)

South Pub Alabang

Crispy Adobo Rice (₱220)


The night ended on a sweet note with the Cookie Skillet (₱220), a whole serving of rich and chewy chocolate chip cookie fresh from the oven. It’s topped with a scoop of Vanilla ice cream. If the cookie skillet seem a bit too sweet for your liking, the refreshing sweetness of a glass of Sangria (₱250) is a great alternative. Relish the blend of white wine, Jameson, orange juice, basil, apple slices and syrup.


South Pub Alabang

Cookie Skillet (₱220)

Sangria (₱250)


Have you tried South Pub’s signature dishes yet? Which one is your favorite?


South Pub Alabang

Address: 2nd Floor, Commercenter, 1780 Commerce Corner Filinvest Avenue, Filinvest City, Muntinlupa City
Contact Number: (02) 2469069 ext. 434
Operating hours: 11 am to 2 am (Friday-Sunday), 4 pm to 12 mn (Monday-Thursday)

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