By Chance: Carmela Geisert Shares Her Art

Every story, every emotion and every thought, when translated into a creative output, becomes a piece of the artist’s life that is shared with the world; the beauty of art lies in the individualism of the artist. These were the philosophies that ran through my mind last April 10 at By Chance Exhibit in Makati as the masterfully crafted pieces by Filipina artist Carmela Geisert displayed boldness, wonder, and calm – qualities that are evident in the way she presented herself during the event.

Aside from the overflowing wine and the soothing jazz music, the German Club Manila’s penthouse was filled with Geisert’s closest friends, colleagues, supporters and art enthusiasts who were thrilled to witness the artist’s very first solo art exhibition.


German Manila Club with a multitude of guests.

Delectable food served at the German Manila Club.

Geisert with friends during the ribbon-cutting ceremony.

Geisert with friends during the ribbon-cutting ceremony.

Set-up of the exhibit at German Manila Club.

Geisert with the author and other people from the media.



There are many curiosities invoked by each painting and one of these was Geisert’s creation of fluid art; what started as a means to kill time during flights has developed into her means to communicate the inner person. Geisert is a self-taught painter whose passion for creative expression overtook her lack of formal training in painting. Indeed, she is unstoppable.


Painted in 2017, the artwork entitled “Thoughts” was inspired by the artist’s good friend who had encouraged her to pursue her solo exhibit.

(L-R) Artworks entitled “Minimalist” and “Fallen Angel” were both sparked by the journey of her spiritual being.

Art piece entitled “Fallen Angel” viewed up close.

This work entitled “Once in a Blue Moon” depicts the author’s fascination with the recent cosmic phenomenon Supermoon.

(L-R) These paintings entitled “Earth” and “Mars” were spurred by the distinctive texture of both planets.

Art piece entitled “Earth” viewed up close.

Inspired by her travels, the painting entitled “Agung Awakens” tells the artist’s interpretation of Mt. Agung’s eruption in Bali.

The artist with her signature piece entitled “Two Tigers”. The artwork was inspired by the strength and fierceness that the tiger symbolizes.


The exhibition “By Chance” will run from April 10 to May 8, 2018 at German Club Manila located at Eurovilla II Penthouse in Makati. For details, visit

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