Bunsuran Falls: Antipolo’s Underrated Paradise

Bunsuran Falls

Trekking waterfalls, for me, gives a different kind of satisfaction than reaching summits. Whenever I see mountains, I’m reminded of the weekdays. It’s like pushing forward for the reward of the experience – the view from the peak. On the other hand, waterfalls are like weekends for me. Moving onward always leads me to rest – a nice dip into the cold spring waters ease off my exhaustion.

January 5, 2017 – During my weekend stay at Mount Purro Nature Reserve, I got the chance to witness the Bunsuran Falls which people from the nature reserve voluntarily maintain. The unassuming falls in Barangay Calawis, Antipolo wasn’t as high nor as strong as other waterfalls, but the sight of it alone granted me rest.



From Mount Purro to Bunsuran Falls

From Mount Purro Nature Reserve, we went to the cemetery that I marked the jump-off point of the trek to Bunsuran Falls. The falls was approximately a 15-minute walk from the cemetery. Together with my friend Gab of Out-of-town blog and Sir TJ of Mount Purro Nature Reserve, we finished the trail in no sweat because the path was leveled and the sky was cloudy that day. It seemed like not many dwell on this side of Calawis because there were very few houses nearby the waterfalls. The site of the falls was probably a secluded area, I assumed.



Lo and behold, the first thing I noticed upon entering the site was the clothes hanging on the clothesline by the stream. I smiled at the thought of locals still doing their laundry the old-fashioned way. There were people whose routines relied on the life of this waterfall, I realized.


Gab and the cascades of water


From afar, approaching the water descending over the series of rocks seems effortless because of the weak current and the gradual slope. However, the surface of the rocks was slippery due to the moss. But that didn’t stop us from exploring though; we had to experience being on the “peak” of this waterfall.


My reaction after almost falling flat on my face. I managed to regain my balance lol.



Some boys, who I suppose were locals, were also enjoying their time at Bunsuran falls as we were. They spent their whole afternoon diving into the waters at the farther part of the falls. According to Sir TJ, the section where the boys were swimming was deep. This surprised me because the pool looked like it was shallow.



Photo was taken by Gab Malvar.


The group of boys happily jumped into the waters again and again. I could see that they didn’t bring food nor camera yet they were having the best time just laughing and playing around. More than a haven for mothers about to do their laundry, it’s evident that the Bunsuran Falls serves as a playground for these folks as well.



However, it can’t also be denied that the falls is not being well taken care of by the locals here. There were many foil wrappers and food packages lying on the rocks. Given that the holiday season had just passed, it was a relief to know that these pieces of trash won’t be here for too long since Mount Purro Nature Reserve helps in conserving this area.




Guide to Bunsuran Falls

    • Wear sandals with a high-friction sole.
    • Bring a trash bag with you just in case there are lots of trash to pick up.
    • Swim and jump fearlessly into the water!
    • There are no entrance fees to enjoy your time here.


How to Get There

  • From Araneta Farmer’s Market (Cubao), ride a jeepney goign to Cogeo Gate 2.
  • From Cogeo Gate 2, ride another jeep bound to Paenaan.
  • From Paenaan, ride another jeepney going to Kanto Veterans.
  • From Kanto Veterans, ride a tricycle to Calawis Welcome Sign.
  • Take another tricycle to Mount Purro Nature from Calawis Welcome Sign.





Day 1
11:30 AM ETA Mount Purro Nature Reserve
12:00 nn Lunch at Loli’s Kitchen
1:00 PM Early Check-in at Suite Home, free time
2:45 PM Trek to Bunsuran Falls
3:15 PM ETD Bunsuran Falls
4:00 PM ETD to Jump off point (cemetery)
4:15 PM ETA to Jump-off point
4:30 PM Swimming pool, free time
7:00 PM Dinner at Loli’s Kitchen
7:45 PM Back to Suite Home
Day 2
5:00 AM Wake-up, prepare
5:30 AM Call time for trekkers
5:40 AM Orientation about Malvar’s peak
5:50 AM Start of trek
6:05 AM Resting station
6:10 AM Resume trek
6:18 AM Resting station
6:30 AM Reach Malvar’s Peak
7:00 AM Start of descend
7:20 AM Back to Jump-off point
7:30 AM Breakfast at Loli’s Kitchen
8:00 AM Game room
9:00 AM Rest
11:00 AM Eat Lunch at Loli’s Kitchen
11:40 AM Pack up, go home.


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  1. pwede po ba mag tayo dito ng tent?

    1. Not sure about the tent

  2. How to get there,
    From taguig,,
    Calzada bikers crew,,

    1. Hi Richard! Details on how to get there are on the blog as well! Enjoy your trip!

  3. Hi, may I know if you can go there even if you will not go to Mt Purro?

    1. Yes you may! I believe open to public ‘yung river 🙂

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