Bodhi Library & Cafe: Hogwarts corner in Tagaytay

July 11, 2018 – In a fast-paced environment where work and stress get the best out of us, we rarely take a minute to go out and feel the breeze. It’s very crucial that we also become mindful of our mental and spiritual wellness, so we may brave another day feeling recharged and refreshed inside and out.



If you’ve never seen a place that shouts relaxation from every angle, Bodhi Mind and Body Shop would surprise you. This peace-promoting establishment at La Bella Residences called “Bodhi” was inspired by the concept of nirvana. The word “Bodhi” dawned from the name of a tree where Buddha had an enlightenment. (Well, you know the story.) I’m no follower of Buddhism, but it doesn’t take a religious practitioner to appreciate this earth-inspired corner sitting on a quiet patch of land in Tagaytay.



Apart from the mind and body shop, Bodhi has its very own library and cafe, too. The cafe offers a limited selection, but rest assured that the items on the menu are the classics. Coffee and waffle? What else makes a better match for reading books?



The setup was too Harry Potter-ish that it was hard not to snap photos here and there. I honestly didn’t get the time to read but hey, I did browse the books! The section that caught my eye was the Metaphysical shelf where books about dreams and mysteries were on display. These are materials you don’t stumble upon every day.



The quaint space has one long table that could accommodate four people, a lone red chair by the lamp, and two French cafe chairs with the scenic view of the garden. Anyway, if chairs do not work for you, the whole floor is also available for your convenience; their carpets are enchanting! Still, if your focus suggests a glimpse of the outdoors, the balcony and the roof deck are good places to meditate, too!


Roof deck


Mind paying a visit? Please do! I encourage friends to come on a weekday, and kindly note that there is no required fee for the library access. As mentioned, every bit of this place invites you to take a damn break from your demanding lifestyle. Mmm.


Bodhi Library and Cafe

Address: La Bella Residences, Barangay Neogan, Tagaytay
Contact number: 0922 772 3092
Operating hours: 10:30 am to 7:00 pm
Visit their Facebook page


  1. Can you visit the cafe even if you’re not checked in on the hotel?

    1. I’m not sure but I think they will allow. Best to message their Facebook page. 🙂

  2. Magandang hapon po . Open po ba kayo by tommorow ? Hangang Anong oras po ang operating hour nyo monday to friday ? Maraming salamat po ..

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