Sumilon Island: Secluded Retreat in South Cebu

Truth be told, my traveling style involves a jam-packed itinerary and a stout backpack. My friends know me for packing light and sleeping in tents, asking locals how-to-go places and how-to-speak their local language, napping between bus rides and eating at humble places. Planned tours aren’t really my cup of tea.

But whenever I get spoiled during media tours in Bluewater Resorts, I realized traveling at a slow pace can also be a good thing. I learned to fully appreciate the wonders around me instead of wanting to be in motion all the time. Sumilon Island is where the unplanned moments became the best moments.

December 1, 2017 – Sumilon Island is a 24-hectare island that lies off the tip of Southern Cebu. The name “Sumilon” originated from the term sumilong, which means to take refuge. Long ago, the island was shelter to fishermen during storms but today, it’s a haven for tourists who seek tranquility.

On a separate post, I shared with you how Bluewater Resort Sumilon makes the perfect stay in the south of Cebu. Here I’ll enumerate activities you can do on the island at no additional cost!


1. Sunrise Viewing at Julie’s Rock

Trekking the island is one of the activities that Bluewater Resort Sumilon takes pride in. The hiking trail is flat but the challenge is on walking over the jagged limestones. There are three difficulty levels: advance trail, the moderate trail, and the beginner trail. If you’re after the panoramic view of the ocean, pick the advance trail where you’ll hike the edge of a high cliff.




Media familiarization tours, like this one, is a great avenue to meet other bloggers. I met Celine of and Gab of Outoftown Blog. Both girls are sunrise chasers. Don’t ask me if we trekked at wee hours because you already know the answer. The pre-dawn trek ought to be my favorite part of the day. Although I acquired lots of scrapes on my feet as I was trekking razor-sharp rocky path in slippers, the joy lies in the opportunity to see how the dark sky transitions to light. The sun rose at 5:45 in the morning.



2. Trekking to the Lighthouse and Baluarte

To reach the lighthouse, the group trekked using the moderate trail. It was a quick hike with the entire moderate trail only covering 1.3 kilometers.



The lighthouse is still operational, however, tourists are not allowed to go up. Beside the lighthouse was an old fort which served as a watchtower during the Spanish era. Tourists can go inside the fort, also called Baluarte, to find the old ruins with trees growing wildly.




3. Caving at Yamashita Cave

Yamashita Cave is a common name of caves that are believed to have hidden a large reserve of the ill-gotten treasure of the Former President Marcos. This cave in Sumilon Island is yet to be explored.





4. Snorkelling with the Sharks

There are occasional sightings of blacktip sharks, which are harmless, in the coral garden at early morning. If you wish to snorkel, go to the dive shop and ask for the snorkeling gear. The use of the snorkeling gear is included in the accommodation package.




5. Kayaking and fishing in the Lagoon

After a brief walk at the long beach, the scenery that greeted us was striking. The natural lagoon is enchantingly beautiful – the still waters surrounded by towering limestones covered in lavish greens. The lagoon is home to fishes which tourists can feed during the day.




Because the facility is free for guests, kayaking is on a first-come-first-serve basis. Personally, I wasn’t able to go kayaking, but according to a friend, the experience was the complete opposite of being close to the ocean where the sound of the waves filled the air. All he heard was the strokes of the paddle. That’s how peaceful it went, woah.




6. Siesta on Payag-payag

The long beach near the lagoon area makes a fitting spot for siestas or afternoon naps. Be enveloped by sea breeze while enjoying the shade of the coconut trees.






7. Enjoy the view of nature from the top

If you trek either the advance trail or the moderate trail, you will be treated to this impressive view of the lagoon. There are wooden benches that serve as viewing spots for tourists.






8. Swim by the sandbar

It was not the ideal season to witness the shifting sandbar of Sumilon when we visited. We were told by the staff that sandbar is best visited on March-May. Nonetheless, we still enjoyed the public beach. Just a friendly advice though, beware of those small jellyfish that might sting you.






9. Appreciate the sunset

When the sandbar is not visible, it was a pocket beach where the best seat for sunset viewing is at.






10. Take photos

Take more of the photos, please! Every corner of this island is like an Instagram-worthy backdrop. If you have an underwater camera, get shots of Sumilon’s bountiful marine life!





Thanks to Bluewater Resort Sumilon for this amazing experience. The whole island gave me memories to treasure. Shout out to Kuya William for preparing us the sandwiches for our pre-dawn trek, to Kuya Marnel for serving us the best food, to Ate Rose for handing me the secret envelope *wink*, and Sir EJ for being so accommodating. Seriously, these folks made our stay more delightful. Your smiles are still embedded in my heart. 😀




Note: This trip is sponsored by Bluewater Resort Sumilon.



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    1. That’s no coincidence, eh? I MISS YOU, GIRL! Your energy brings life to fam tours. See you soon, pretty pleasseeee!

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