Adventures in Real, Quezon: River Rafting & Tubing

River Rafting in Real, Quezon offers an invigorating experience for bold sojourners who have yet dove into the extreme side of adventure travel. This is a great introduction to what river rafting in Cagayan de Oro would feel like. The activity happens in Tignoan River, Barangay Tanauan with a fee of ₱300 charged per person.


River Rafting, Real, Quezon


November 12, 2017 – Sleep was no longer a challenge the moment we were dropped off at The PARK Camp Resort. The realization that we had no contact person and we were in a distant land caused my mind to wake up. Two men who stood at the nearby sundry store looked at us, and I approached them to ask if they were tricycle drivers. That was how I met Kuya Jerry, our instant tour service in Real, Quezon.

“Is the rafting already open?”

Kuya Jerry led us to the Tanauan Tourism Office where we signed the waiver and registered for the river rafting. After submitting the papers, we drove to the jump-off point where I met Kuya Noli, our raft paddler. Upon discussing with Kuya Noli whether it was safe to bring gadgets or not, I was told to just leave my devices.

Do I take shots with a high risk of getting my camera soaked or do I ensure its safety but have no documentation of the experience? It was a confusing thought. Before I knew it, I was already trekking a good 10-minute trail, my camera hanging around my neck. There was no turning back.


River Rafting, Real, Quezon


River Rafting, Real, Quezon


As we reached the river, Kuya Noli and the rest of the paddlers briefed us and handed over life vests for our safety. They started setting up the rafts and when they had finished, we were ready to go.

The river rafting (and tubing) in Real, Quezon is quite different from the ones we normally see. Unlike the white river rafting in Cagayan de Oro, the guests do not navigate the raft here. Instead, two raft paddlers work at each end of the raft while the guests only sit on the bamboo planks, hold tight and let the rapids wash them over.

Each raft was made of ten units of inflated tire tubes tied together in a bamboo frame. One raft can accommodate a maximum of 5 people, comprising the 2 paddlers and 3 guests. In our case, since our group had 4 members, the local guides decided to divide us into 2 boats. Regardless of the number of rafts used, guests would still have to pay the whole experience on a per person basis.


River Rafting, Real, Quezon


River Rafting, Real, Quezon


The raft sailed smoothly. Most of the time, the waters calmly carried the raft onward. I found my chance to snap some photos while the voyage was yet outrageous. It was a shame that we didn’t carry with us a waterproof camera that day. With a phone in my pocket and a mirrorless camera strapped around my neck, I was praying so hard that everything would turn out to be okay for the gadgets I brought with me.


River Rafting Real Quezon

Selfie using my phone cam!


While the rapids have yet to come, I had the opportunity to talk with Kuya Noli who was paddling at the back portion of the raft. I learned that he farms coconuts for a living when he is not rafting in Tignoan River. Aside from coconut farming, the locals here earn through fishing. Many kids were noticeably holding either a rod or a catch of fish.


River Rafting, Real, Quezon


As we go with the flow of the Tignoan river, it gave me the same feeling of kayaking. Smooth sailing, it was at first. When the water got shallow, Kuya Noli kicked rocks and propelled using his legs while the local guide at the front portion paddled. The rocks became more visible and the flow of the water grew stronger. Three times that we overcome the thrilling yet nerve-wracking courses. We were holding the bamboo plank so tight and hanging on to our dear lives! There was even a point where my other hand had let go of the plank, and my legs swayed from left to right. Thank God I was able to get back to my position!


River Rafting, Real, Quezon


River Rafting, Real, Quezon


River Rafting, Real, Quezon


The rafting experience came to an end with the bridge in sight. After surrendering the lifevest and taking a few photos, we walked up the slope and went back on the road. What a ride!


River Rafting, Real, Quezon




Contact Person/s

Tricycle Service (Tour)

Contact Person: Kuya Jerry
Mobile Number: (0926) 204-9043


Things to Bring

  • Sunblock
  • Waterproof action cam
  • Drybag
  • Towel
  • Toiletries



Itinerary and Budget

*This was based on an actual trip in 2017 with 4 persons to share costs.

November 12, 2017 4:50 AM ETA Raymond Bus Terminal to Real, Quezon ₱168/ordinary bus (fare); ₱195/aircon bus(fare)
5:15 AM ETA Van to Real, Quezon ₱220/head (van)
5:30 AM ETD to Quezon
9:00 AM ETA The PARK
9:05 AM ETD Tricycle to Tanauan Tourism Office ₱150/head (tour service = ₱600)
9:15 AM ETA Tanauan Tourism Office ₱300/head (rafting)
9:50 AM Start trek
10:00 AM Start of Rafting
10:40 AM End of Rafting
10:45 AM ETD to Early Lunch ₱50/head (meal)
11:15 AM ETD Balagbag Falls
11:30 AM ETA Balagbag Falls ₱20/head (entrance fee)
12:15 PM ETD to Nonok Falls
12:20 PM ETA Nonok Falls ₱20/head (entrance fee)
2:00 PM Trek back to Tricycle
2:05 PM ETD to Real Surf PH
2:15 PM ETA Real Surf PH ₱270/head (entrance fee); ₱580/head (small cabana fee = ₱2,320)
2:35 PM Settle / rest / free time
3:15 PM Surf ₱200/head (longboard rental per hour); ₱500/head (surfing with instructor per hour)
4:30 PM Swim, free time
7:30 PM Dinner at Surf Shack ₱180/head (average meal price)
8:20 PM Wash up
8:40 PM Socials
9:00 PM Movie night
1:00 AM Sleep
November 13, 2017 7:00 AM Wake up, get dressed
8:15 AM Breakfast at Joshua’s Tapsilog ₱100/head (average meal price)
9:15 AM Swim, free time
11:10 AM Prep, pack up
12:05 PM ETD to Manila
5:30 PM ETA Cubao EDSA ₱220/head (van fare)
TOTAL EXPENSES ₱2,310 / head (with surfing)




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  1. Is this possible to have a full day adv not overnite?
    Can we go straight to the tourism offuce as we have car service

    1. Absolutely! You can start early and cover the activities we did in a day 🙂

  2. Hi Ms.Louise! ☺️ Is there any locker/place where we can leave our bags when we do water rafting? Thanks! ❤️

    1. Hi Kyara! I’m afraid there is none. We only left our bags in the tricycle that time.

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