Real Coast and Surf: Quezon’s Charming Surf Camp

With only two days of research and planning before the actual departure date, looking for a destination to go to for the long weekend was a tough task to accomplish. Initially, we planned was to go to La Union for the first time, but given the popularity of Elyu, chances are the crowds would’ve lessened the beauty of our experience. Even the thought of it was unbearable.

Going to Baler was the second option. However, knowing that it will be only three of us to share the expenses, the confidence we had at maximum enjoyment was shakey. I searched the map of Luzon via the internet and browsed places we can visit when I stumbled upon the beach of Real, Quezon. I immediately booked a small cabana to secure the accommodation.

November 12, 2017 — The three became four. This is something that I like about spontaneous travels: the number of the company gets unexpected, too. Coming from Cavite, we booked Uber going to Legarda in Sampaloc where the bus terminal to Real, Quezon is stationed. The 3.5 hours of van travel to Quezon wasn’t difficult to endure since my friends and I were sleep-deprived. Using the Antipolo route, we passed through Rizal and Laguna. There were at least two stop-overs for bathroom breaks and quick bites.

Since the check-in time was still at 2-PM, we worked on the itinerary so we could maximize our experience in Real, Quezon. The first half of the day was one for the books. After an adventure-packed morning, Real Coast and Surf PH was the sweet ending on today’s agenda.


Real Surf, Real, Quezon


Upon arriving, we went straightly to the snack bar to ask for the front office. It turns out that the bar also serves as the front office of the resort. I gave our booking reference number to the petite girl manning the bar and each of us registered.

On top of the cabana fee, we paid ₱270 per head for one-day use of the facilities such as the beach, grill, lounge area, communal shower, and toilet. The rates vary on the day of stay. Note that children whose age are 8 years old and above are considered adults. Below are their 2017 rates.


[one_third]WEEKDAYS[/one_third][one_third]₱ 210/adult[/one_third][one_third_last]₱ 105/child[/one_third_last]

[one_third]WEEKENDS[/one_third][one_third]₱ 270/adult[/one_third][one_third_last]₱ 135/child[/one_third_last]

[one_third]HOLIDAYS[/one_third][one_third]₱ 300/adult[/one_third][one_third_last]₱ 150/child[/one_third_last]

[one_third]DAYTOUR / TENT PITCHING[/one_third][one_third]₱ 350/adult[/one_third][one_third_last]₱ 175/child[/one_third_last]



Real Surf, Real, Quezon


The area of the small cabanas, the one we stayed in, sat closest to the gate of the resort. The set-up of the site was al fresco style, matching the laid-back mood of the whole area.


Real Surf, Real, Quezon


The small cabana was good for a max of six persons. Every cabana comes with the following: two (2) single mattresses, one (1) net hammock, one (1) ceiling fan, mosquito net, one (1) small table inside the cabana, one (1) picnic table outside the cabana, one (1) beach chair  and a free space beside the cabana where one can pitch a small tent. (Bring your own.)


Real Surf, Real, Quezon

There are no extra fees in pitching a tent, as long as you bring your own.

Real Surf, Real, Quezon


The surf camp was filled with art. Every corner was a picturesque background in different strokes, shapes, and colors. Even the signage of Real Surf has earned fame!


Real Surf, Real, Quezon

Real Surf, Real, Quezon

Entrance to the communal shower and toilet

Real Surf, Real, Quezon

Shower area

Real Surf, Real, Quezon

Folks from Cabana No. 2


Surfing the waves of Real would’ve been thrilling if I knew how to operate the longboard. Lol. Don’t worry, though. The resort offers an hour of longboard rental with the guidance of an instructor for ₱500 per head. For the pros, they can rent the longboard for ₱200/hour.


Real Surf, Real, Quezon

Real Surf, Real, Quezon

Real Surf, Real, Quezon

Real Surf, Real, Quezon

Real Surf, Real, Quezon

Real Surf, Real, Quezon


Non-surfers can also enjoy their stay in Real. It was a refresher for me to just wade in the water while the waves crash over my tiny frame.  The surges were strong in the morning and break just before noon.


Real Surf, Real, Quezon

Real Surf, Real, Quezon

Real Surf, Real, Quezon

Real Surf, Real, Quezon

Adam, the cutest dog!


Oh, and the area is an ideal spot for Instagram-worthy photos, too!


Real Surf, Real, Quezon

The flat sands were mirroring me!

Real Surf, Real, Quezon

Real Surf, Real, Quezon


Personally, I advise girls to wear rash guards or one-piece swimsuit. The strong waves are serious in wiping people out so better be careful not to get your bodies exposed unintentionally.


Real Surf, Real, Quezon


I commend the management for maintaining the cleanliness of the beach where the guests frequent. However, there were areas like the rocky part on the left side of the beach where the trash have gathered. It may not be flocked by the crowd, but regardless, I think it should also be taken care of.


Real Surf, Real, Quezon

Real Surf, Real, Quezon


Now, the rest of my post will be about the negatives. (It’s only fair to expose this side of the service for awareness of both management and customers.) I believe major improvements can be done to better the experience of the resort-goers. It could have been more promising if (a) the staff were friendly and approachable instead of being intimidating and unapologetic. The moment we arrived there, the girl who assisted us made us feel like we were interrupting her life. A smile and a simple “good morning” wouldn’t hurt especially when people are working in the hospitality industry, right?

Also, I would’ve loved it here if (b) the food was prepared and served well. The crew has no sense of urgency. A dish as simple as tapsilog shouldn’t take forever and to make it worse, it was even cold when it was served. Try to order an extra cup of garlic rice and it will take about 20 minutes to prepare. Take note, the rice was not even warm – probably was a lamig or something.


Real Surf, Real, Quezon


I don’t know how the management trains its people, but man, they need to learn how to elevate their customer service. Amenities-wise, Real Coast and Surf was topnotch. Service-wise, uh, very far from excellent. I understand that the Surf Shack has limited choices for food, and fine, I’m okay with the menu being overpriced. (Imagine a bottle of water for ₱45.00? I found it pretty hilarious!) But anyone who’s sane would want to see the value of what they paid for. Am I coming back to the resort after this? Yes, but I’m bringing my own food.


Real Surf, Real, Quezon


For our breakfast the next morning, we opted to go out on the road for a food hunt. A 7-minute walk from Real Surf  Camp led us to a humble tapsilog place called “Joshua’s”. It was just a few steps away from the Real Coast Hotel. Average price per meal is ₱ 80 – ₱ 100, with generous serving size. My tip? You could ask to take out your meal orders and eat it at the resort. They’d put it on a proper paper food box and provide plastic spoon and fork.

At 12 noon we were picked up by the van service bound for Manila. We ate lunch at our second stopover in Laguna.


Guide to Real Coast and Surf

If you get out on the road and walk just a little bit, you would stumble upon sari-sari stores and small carinderia’s. Tapsilog was bought for half the price and was cooked half the prep time!

They charge a corkage fee for beers. It’s impractical to sneak those alcohols in.

Remember your booking reference number. Better if you could save a screencap of the booking voucher.

Find a spot where you can hang your clothes to dry. The plants were a big help!

There are board games in the lounge. Maximize those while enduring the waiting time of the food.

Bring an extension cord, because in a small cabana there are only two outlets. The other one is already for the electric fan.

Bring your own pillow and blanket. The cool breeze will wake you up at night.

There is no cellular signal for Globe users. Smart subscribers can detect mobile signal but still has a very weak reception.

Visit their website here for more information.



How to Get There

From Manila to Real, Quezon

You may ride a bus or a van going to Real, Quezon. The terminal is in Legarda, Sampaloc, Manila. Nearby landmarks are Arellano University and Sta. Catalina School. If you’re coming from Arellano University, the terminal is just before the Legarda Flyover. The van terminal is behind the Raymond Bus Terminal. The aircon bus costs ₱195/head, non-aircon bus for ₱168/head. The commuter van costs ₱220/head. If you’re riding the van, ask the driver to drop you off The PARK should you follow our itinerary.

From Real, Quezon to Manila

There is a Raymond bus terminal in Infanta, Quezon. Should you wish to ride the van back to Manila, there are commuter vans one can hail on the road. However, these vans do not pass by Real Surf PH. Ask the contact number of your van driver so they can pick you up at the resort.



Contact Person/s

Real Coast & Surf


Van Driver (from Manila to Real, Quezon)

Contact Person: Kuya Leo
Mobile Number: (0999) 956-8611

Van Driver (from Real, Quezon to Manila)

Contact Person: Kuya Jun
Mobile Number: (0923) 184-0225

Tricycle Service (Tour)

Contact Person: Kuya Jerry
Mobile Number: (0926) 204-9043



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