Pacifico Beach: Quieter beach and surf spot in Siargao

Pacifico Beach is a stretch of fine golden sand that serves as a remote paradise in Siargao, contrary to the famous Cloud 9 surf spot in General Luna. Located in the town of San Isidro, the approaching swells from the Philippine Sea offer an alternative area for beginner-intermediary level surfing.


April 18, 2017 – The gloomy sky wasn’t a hindrance to an enjoyable road trip to Pacifico Beach from Magpupungko Rock Pools. With a poor mobile signal and a series of how-long-should-we-keep-driving, it was an unexpected joy ride on the Siargao Circumferential Road towards the town of San Isidro. It took us an hour journey to reach town and not long after our arrival was a brief talk from a friendly stranger.

Kuya, magtatanong lang po. Sa’n po papuntang Pacifico Beach?

Unknowingly, the middle-aged man dressed in casual shirt and shorts was a local pastor of a Christian church in San Isidro. He tried to engage us deeper in a conversation but it seemed awkward that we were two girls on a motorcycle in the side-street of an unfamiliar town. As much as we’d like to know the locals better, we had to cut the hopeful discussion and go on our way as we intended to. (But sincerely, I appreciate how the local pastor was sincere in preaching the word of God in the streets to tourists.)



Finally, there it was – Pacifico Beach in its full glory. Even from afar, I heard the waves lap on the beach which only proved that there was very few people around.



This beautiful beach was a great place to unwind and relax; it was as if the world was ours! If you’re thinking of visiting Pacifico beach yourself, a cozy property which seemed like a lodging house stood close to the beach, namely Pacifico Beach Resort. I heard they offer surfing lessons, too!


Itinerary and Budget

October 18, 2017 6:00 AM ETD from Malinao View Beach Resort to Magpupungko Beach ₱450/scooter (Rental Fee); ₱350/motorcycle (Rental Fee)
6:45 AM ETA Magpupungko Beach / free time ₱20/parking space (parking fee); ₱50/head (entrance fee)
9:00 AM Breakfast ₱40/head (Lucky Me noodles LOL)
9:30 AM Swim
11:30 AM ETA Pacifico Beach
12:05 PM ETD from Pacifico Beach to Tayangban Cave
12:55 PM ETA Tayangban Cave / Start tour ₱70/head (Entrance Fee)
1:50 PM Finish Tour ₱150/tour guide (Guide Fee)
1:45 PM ETD to Malinao View Beach Resort
2:45 PM ETA Malinao View Beach Resort / Rest / Wash Up
4:30 PM ETD Malinao View Beach Resort to Kermit Siargao
4:40 PM ETA Kermit Siargao / Dinner ₱450/head (Average Meal Cost)
TOTAL EXPENSES ₱1,080 / head



How To Get There

From Manila to Siargao Island

Make sure to catch the fastest flight from Manila directly to Siargao Island via SkyJet Airlines. They offer low-fares for as low as ₱4,000 if you’re patient enough to wait for their promo. The 90-minute flight was smooth and comfy, all because of the spacious legroom and peaceful jet travel.


From General Luna to Pacifico Beach, San Isidro

Using the Siargao Circumferential Road, take a drive to San Isidro. You’ll pass by the towns of Dapa and Pilar. From the town proper of San Isidro, ask around and the locals will point you to the road leading to the beach.

Note: DO NOT TRUST WAZE! Ask around and locals will help you out!


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