Real, Quezon: 4 Attractions You Shouldn’t Miss

If you are looking for a quick getaway near Manila, then Real, Quezon is the answer you’ve been searching for. The coastal town is a mere 3-4 hour away from the capital, making it an easy weekend escape for yuppies and families living in the city. The humble town faces the Pacific Ocean and its waves are perfect for surfing superstars. It is also a gateway to other island destinations in Quezon including Jomalig Island and Baluti Island.


1. River Rafting in Tignoan River

River Rafting in Real, Quezon offers an invigorating experience for bold sojourners who have yet dove into the extreme side of adventure travel. This is a great introduction to what river rafting in Cagayan de Oro would feel like. The activity happens in Tignoan River, Barangay Tanauan with a fee of ₱300 charged per person.


River Rafting, Real Quezon

River Rafting, Real Quezon



2. Trekking Balagbag Falls

Balagbag Falls is a two-tiered waterfall in Real, Quezon. Due to its deep plunge pool, it is also widely known for the cliff jumping experience. The first level is roughly five meters high and has a deep catch basin, while the second level is about 25 meters high with its water falling into a shallow pool.


Balagbag Falls, Real Quezon



3. Trekking Nonok Falls / Lunok Falls

Nonok Falls is a one-layer vertical drop situated in the incredible lush nature of Brgy. Tignoan in Real, Quezon. The waters fall over the rocky ledge at about 10 meters high from its catch basin. Just like Balagbag Falls, it is also ideal for cliff jumping since it has a deep pool.


Nonok Falls, Real Quezon



4. Malapad Beach at Real Coast and Surf

Love the swells? Surfing the waves of Real would’ve been thrilling if I knew how to operate the longboard. Lol. Don’t worry, though. The resort offers an hour of longboard rental with the guidance of an instructor for ₱500 per head. For the pros, they can rent the longboard for ₱200/hour.


Malapad Beach, Real Quezon

Real Surf, Real, Quezon


Other places of interest to visit in Real, Quezon:

  • Magra Beach
  • Pinlac Falls
  • Tipuan Falls
  • Cawayan Falls
  • Bagumbong Falls
  • Baluti Island
  • Jomalig Island



How to Get There

From Manila to Real, Quezon

You may ride a bus or a van going to Real, Quezon. The terminal is in Legarda, Sampaloc, Manila. Nearby landmarks are Arellano University and Sta. Catalina School. If you’re coming from Arellano University, the terminal is just before the Legarda Flyover. The van terminal is behind the Raymond Bus Terminal. The aircon bus costs ₱195/head, non-aircon bus for ₱168/head. The commuter van costs ₱220/head. If you’re riding the van, ask the driver to drop you off The PARK should you follow our itinerary.

From Real, Quezon to Manila

There is a Raymond bus terminal in Infanta, Quezon. Should you wish to ride the van back to Manila, there are commuter vans one can hail on the road. However, these vans do not pass by Real Surf PH. Ask the contact number of your van driver so they can pick you up at the resort.


Contact Person/s

Real Coast & Surf


Van Driver (from Manila to Real, Quezon)

Contact Person: Kuya Leo
Mobile Number: (0999) 956-8611

Van Driver (from Real, Quezon to Manila)

Contact Person: Kuya Jun
Mobile Number: (0923) 184-0225

Tricycle Service (Tour)

Contact Person: Kuya Jerry
Mobile Number: (0926) 204-9043


Itinerary and Budget

*This was based on an actual trip in 2017 with 4 persons to share costs.

November 12, 2017 4:50 AM ETA Raymond Bus Terminal to Real, Quezon ₱168/ordinary bus (fare); ₱195/aircon bus(fare)
5:15 AM ETA Van to Real, Quezon ₱220/head (van)
5:30 AM ETD to Quezon
9:00 AM ETA The PARK
9:05 AM ETD Tricycle to Tanauan Tourism Office ₱150/head (tour service = ₱600)
9:15 AM ETA Tanauan Tourism Office ₱300/head (rafting)
9:50 AM Start trek
10:00 AM Start of Rafting
10:40 AM End of Rafting
10:45 AM ETD to Early Lunch ₱50/head (meal)
11:15 AM ETD Balagbag Falls
11:30 AM ETA Balagbag Falls ₱20/head (entrance fee)
12:15 PM ETD to Nonok Falls
12:20 PM ETA Nonok Falls ₱20/head (entrance fee)
2:00 PM Trek back to Tricycle
2:05 PM ETD to Real Surf PH
2:15 PM ETA Real Surf PH ₱270/head (entrance fee); ₱580/head (small cabana fee = ₱2,320)
2:35 PM Settle / rest / free time
3:15 PM Surf ₱200/head (longboard rental per hour); ₱500/head (surfing with instructor per hour)
4:30 PM Swim, free time
7:30 PM Dinner at Surf Shack ₱180/head (average meal price)
8:20 PM Wash up
8:40 PM Socials
9:00 PM Movie night
1:00 AM Sleep
November 13, 2017 7:00 AM Wake up, get dressed
8:15 AM Breakfast at Joshua’s Tapsilog ₱100/head (average meal price)
9:15 AM Swim, free time
11:10 AM Prep, pack up
12:05 PM ETD to Manila
5:30 PM ETA Cubao EDSA ₱220/head (van fare)
TOTAL EXPENSES ₱2,310 / head (with surfing)



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  1. Thanks for your informative blog on real quezon. I will be going to real for the 1st time this june

    1. Thank you for the kind words, Raffy! Let me know how your trip goes! Have fun!

  2. If you want to see the beauty of Real, Quezon please message my father. He is a tricycle driver but he can tour you around Real. Please support my father’s job.
    Name : Danilo “Danny” E. Payad
    Contact Number: 0910 332 6793
    Address: Purok 4, Brgy. Tignoan, Real, Quezon

    You can also contact him in his facebook account : Danny Payad

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