Cambais Falls: Cooling Down in Alegria

It is not known to many that there are other waterfalls in Cebu apart from the well-known Kawasan Falls. Located in the town of Alegria, the Cambais Falls is one of these enchanting natural attractions that will capture your heart.


February 24, 2017 – We went to the market for a lunch break after our quick tour at Osmena Peak in Dalaguete. Just a few minutes of recharging, we headed straight to our waterfall hopping, namely Cambais Falls and Cancalanog Falls. At 3 in the afternoon, we were already short in time for this tour but we still jumped into the inviting waters of Cambais Falls regardless.



It took fifteen minutes of trekking until we got a glimpse of the waterfalls. Surrounded by lush trees, it was heaven to look at the turquoise blue waters in the middle of all the greeneries.


Cambais Falls Cebu

Cambais Falls Cebu

Cambais Falls Cebu


There are various drops in the area, but these three are the most visible. The local kids here treat this place as their playground. Jumping up and down from the canyons of the waterfalls, they carefreely enjoy their little paradise amidst the busy tourism of their humble town.


Cambais Falls Cebu


I admit it crossed my mind not to dip in the waters. After the tiring activities earlier, I just wanted to get this tour over with and finally, get some rest. However, it was very hard to resist the experience. The people seemed to enjoy their time here. Although I wasn’t a skilled swimmer, I still went for it. The cold water was the right cure to my exhaustion. It was a good thing that there were thick bamboo sticks that served as floaters while we were in the pool.



Taking it to another level, I was inspired by the kids who just jumped and jumped like the height of the falls didn’t scare them. They were so brave! Along the way up, I met some of the tourists who also wanted to test their courage. This guy (I forgot his name) became my supot buddy. We were both hesitant but I told him if he jumps, I jump. In the end, I went ahead of him, and he followed next. It was merely 6-8 feet high, but no matter how short the height may seem, being on the jumping point makes it feel like it’s 100 feet high.


Cambais Falls Cebu


We didn’t notice that time went by fast, we were already an hour past our schedule. Well, no regrets because it was really an enjoyable stay here at Cambais Falls.



Itinerary and Budget

Note: This is an itinerary fit for 2 persons during a 2017 trip. Be informed that this itinerary covers the whole Dalaguete-Badian-Bantayan Island Adventure.

February 24 (Day 1) 5:45 AM ETD from Manila ₱1,400/head (roundtrip airfare from seatsale)
7:00 AM ETA to Mactan Airport
7:30 AM ETD to Cebu South Terminal ₱300/ride (GrabCar to Cebu South Terminal)
8:05 AM ETA in Cebu South Terminal / eat breakfast
8:45 AM ETD from South terminal to Dalaguete ₱160/head (Bus fare to Dalaguete)
11:25 AM ETA in Dalaguete / ride habal habal ₱100/head (motorcycle ride to jumpoff)
12:40 PM ETA in Osmena Peak jumpoff/start trek ₱30/head (entrance fee)
1:05 PM Reach the peak / take photos
2:00 PM Back to registration area / ride habal-habal
2:20 PM Eat lunch at market
2:45 PM ETD from Market to Cambais Falls ₱30/head (entrance fee)
3:15 PM ETA in Cambais Falls / Start Trek
3:30 PM Swim / Take photos
4:30 PM Trek back
4:50 PM ETD to Cancalanog Falls
5:10 PM ETA in Chapel near Cancalanog / trek
5:20 PM Arrival at Cancalanog / take photos ₱30/head (entrance fee)
5:35 PM Back to chapel
5:45 PM ETD to Badian ₱600/head (from Dalaguete to Badian tour from Kuya Jun)
6:20 PM ETA to JoePro Hostel / check-in ₱300/head (lodging fee)
7:20 PM Dinner near chapel of Kawasan / wash
8:00 PM Socials
10:00 PM Sleep
February 25 (Day 2) 6:45 AM Wake up / prep
7:30 AM Breakfast / wear gears ₱1,500/head (canyoneering package)
8:20 AM Habal habal to canyoneering jumpoff
8:45 AM Registration / start trek
9:20 AM Canyoneering
12:40 PM End of activity / Reach Kawasan falls / lunch
1:20 PM Walk back to Joepro from Kawasan Falls
1:40 PM Reach Joepro / rest a while / wash / pack up
3:45 PM ETD to Cebu City ₱160/head (aircon bus from Badian to Cebu City)
7:45 PM ETA to South Cebu Terminal
8:00 PM Eat / roam around EMall
8:45 PM Check in at TMS Lodge / wash ₱550/room 12hrs (2pax)
9:30 PM Sleep
February 26 (Day 3) 5:30 AM Wake up / prep
6:10 AM Ride 01k jeepney to north bus terminal ₱8/head (jeepney fare)
6:30 AM ETA Cebu North Terminal /breakfast
7:00 AM ETD to Hagnaya Port ₱160/head (Ceres Aircon bus to Hagnaya Port)
10:45 AM ETA Hagnaya Port, Pay for Ferry / eat lunch ₱170/head (ferry); ₱10/head (terminal fee)
11:15 AM Boarding ferry to Bantayan Islands
11:35 AM Departure from Hagnaya Port
12:45 PM ETA Sta. Fe Port
12:53 PM Ride tricycle to Kota Beach Resort ₱20/head (tricycle to Kota Beach)
1:05 PM ETA Kota Beach Resort / Check in ₱900/room (non-aircon for 2pax)
2:00 PM Settle / rest / Rent Scooter ₱350/rental (scooter 24hours use)
3:00 PM ETD to Ogtong Cave
3:15 PM ETA Ogtong Cave / Swim ₱100/head (entrance fee)
4:30 PM ETD to Sto Nino Church
4:40 PM Eat ihaw / drive back
5:20 PM Back at Kota Beach / take photos / swim
7:30 PM Dinner at Kota / socials
9:45 PM Sleep
February 28 (Day 5) 6:00 AM Check out / ETD to Airport ₱100/ride (Uber to airport)
6:30 AM Check in at airport
9:00 AM Departure to Manila
10:10 AM ETA Manila
ESTIMATED EXPENSES ₱ 5,420 / head (not including food, airfare and other optional fees)



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