Bluewater Resort Sumilon: A Drop of Gem in The Ocean

If I’m going to count the times I’ve been to Cebu, then this would be my fifth time on the island. It’s like magic for me, that whenever I return to the island, it always has something new to reveal. This time, I was blessed to discover the beauty of Sumilon Island tucked in the waters of Cebu Strait in Oslob. Although owned by the government, the whole piece of land in the middle of the seas is solely managed by Bluewater Resorts under a partnership with the local governance. (Kudos!)

Sumilon Island is famous for the sandbar. Mostly, travelers make a quick side trip to Sumilon island after the whaleshark experience to catch the stretch of sand during low tide and to snorkel. The sandbar is open to the public so tourists just pay the boat fee going to and fro the island.




I’ll let you in on a little secret – Sumilon Island isn’t just beautiful for its sandbar. There are actually so many activities to do on the island! Most people assume that they’re not missing much on this place, but I implore you to take a closer look at this paradise. The sandbar is just one of its beautiful features, trust me.




Since we’re already at it, let me give you a glimpse of the island life here in Sumilon.

November 30, 2017 – The media group and I arrived at Sibulan airport in Dumaguete at almost 7 in the morning. The boat ride from the airport to Sumilon Island took about 45 minutes. So to cut the story short, it was a restless morning for what should be a vacation trip for us.

Upon arriving at the resort, there were smiles wherever I looked. The waiters were smiling. The front office staff was smiling. Everyone on the island was greeting us with a warm “Maayong buntag!” as we walk around. It’s no wonder why Bluewater Resorts feel like home. Aside from their topnotch amenities, the attitude of the people here is always so positive. Somehow the exhaustion was eased by these cheerful faces.


Dining Experience

We first had our buffet breakfast at The Pavilion restaurant where check-in guests dine. The Pavilion has a Filipino feel to it – nipa roofing and other earth elements. The Modern Filipino food is good, but it is the atmoshere that completes the whole experience. The sound of the ocean, the hum of the bird, the multitude of lush trees and the astounding view of the water – where in the world am I?





Swimming Pool

In front of the Pavilion is an infinity pool with a stunning view of the sunrise. It goes as deep as 7 feet. The pool is open for travelers who avail the day tour package. To make it even better, there is also a mini jacuzzi for the relaxation of the guests.






I just found this area too charming to be ignored. The playground is designed for kids and adults alike. There is a sandpit for toddlers and preschools, monkey bar, a swing, a slide, a seesaw and a giant chess!





For two consecutive nights, my friend and I stayed in the deluxe room. It’s the room closest to the Pavilion, with a view of the open sea and the coral garden.

I’m actually surprised that the beds are not the signature beds Bluewater Resorts is known for. The interior design is consistently Modern Filipino. It’s complete with two queen-sized beds, a veranda, a cable TV, a minibar, a dresser, a spacious toilet and shower. Having a total area of 58 square meters, the room is quite huge for just 4 people.  There’s plenty of space to run around if there are kids!





Bluewater Resort Sumilon is the perfect place for honeymooners and families. Mind the villa, folks. These private casas are nestled in the middle of the island forest. With a whopping area of 106 square meters, the one-bedroom villa is equipped with a private dipping pool and a veranda. It also has the splendid panorama of the Bohol sea!



A whole day on the island is not enough to satisfy the wanderlust. If you want to know more activities to do in Sumilon Island, continue reading here.



This trip was sponsored by Bluewater Resort Sumilon.


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