Aguinid Falls: Nature’s Five Levels of Thrill in Samboan

It is not known to many that Aguinid Falls is a system of waterfalls that features vigorous adventure and impressive sights as equally astonishing as the famous Kawasan Falls in Badian. Located in Samboan in Cebu, Aguinid Falls is an 8-tier waterfall gifted with an abundance of greenish-blue waters and thick vegetation.

December 1, 2017 – What I had in mind when I think of Aguinid Falls is the stunning rock formation of the waterfall. Little did I know that what awaits us was a challenging trek to its 5 unique levels.

Together with the media group, we traveled from Tumalog Falls to the jump-off point of Aguinid via private van for about 45 minutes. While parking, the stores at the mouth of the entrance selling aquashoes and sandals were noticeable. It made me wonder if the trek was difficult because I know to myself that I wasn’t wearing the proper attire for the activity.

Before we proceed with the trek, the management of the Aguinid Falls briefed us concerning the experience. If you plan to go beyond Level 2, it is ideal to have 1 tour guide for every 2-3 pax. (Later you will understand why.) The guideship is not yet formalized by the governing bodies so if the guests don’t give them an amount or fee, these tour guides absolutely get nothing.

Another rule is that no vandalism is allowed. Aguinid Falls is an eco-tourism area protected by the local government. The management also prohibits tourists to bring food and alcohol but there are designated areas for eating. Observing these rules will help the river and the waterfall keep its vibrancy.

For a group of 6, we had two awesome tour guides to assist us – Kuya Marc and Ate Thelma. As we approached Level 1, we walked on slippery rocks and bridges of sacks that served as a path for tourists.



We were still at Level 0 yet the adventure already involved passing in between rocks and going up steep slopes.



And so the count begins. Upon reaching the Level 1, we were stunned with its form. In here, swimmers are not encouraged to jump because of the pool’s shallowness.


Aguinid Falls


There were cuts on one portion of the waterfall which seemed like nature’s version of an earth bed.



It was not too long before we reached Level 2 where a huge rock formation greeted us. Fearing for my camera, I handed over my device to Kuya Marc and he willingly obliged. While my company and I consumed all efforts to climb the massive rock, Kuya Marc simply ran his way up and take note, without the help of the ropes.


Aguinid Falls


Without the support of the guides, I’m sure I would’ve failed on my own. Just one slip and you might trip down the shallow pool. The water was falling down so hard on us that every step seemed risky. Don’t worry though because once you overcome the slope, you’ll just scream an intense “yes!” out of happiness and relief. The handholds and footholds were carved to make the climbing easier even for both skilled and inexperienced travelers.


Aguinid Falls


The Level 3 might be small but the unclimbable cliff paves way for a curtain of water to drop. It makes a dramatic setup for a photo!





After climbing up some more rocks, we have reached Level 4. Although it’s another tiny waterfall, the main attraction is on the cliff jumping.




In between the tiers were clear cascading water. A short walk from Level 4 led us to the glorious sight of Level 5. From my point of view, it’s like a boulder on top another boulder. In actuality, this system of waterfalls was formed due to the landslides in the area.




Our tour guides encouraged us to climb up the portion of the rock and slide down to the pool with ease. It seemed like it was easy, but once you’re sitting there, it’s really difficult to hear any other noises apart from the shushing of the waters. I also had some troubles seeing clearly because of the strong flow of the water dropping.





Guide to Aguinid Falls, Samboan

    • Waterproof your gadgets!
    • You may rent aquashoes for ₱ 50.
    • Follow your guide, whatever happens. Lol.
    • Eating while on the trek is not allowed. There is a designated area for dining.
    • Prepare to get wet from head to toe.


Itinerary and Budget

Note: This was from a sponsored trip from Bluewater Sumilon.

December 1, 2020 8:15 PM ETD Boat to Mainland Cebu via Bancogon (Island tour package)
8:30 AM ETA Bancogon
8:45 AM Ride van ETD to Tumalog Falls (Island tour package)
9:00 AM ETA Jumpoff Point Tumalog Falls
9:55 AM ETD Aguinid Falls
10:40 AM ETA Aguinid Falls
11:00 AM Start of Trek
12:15 PM End of trek, lunch
2:00 PM ETD Bancogon
2:15 PM ETA Bancogon, Boat to Sumilon
2:30 PM ETA Sumilon Island / rest / swim / snorkel
7:00 PM Dinner, socials



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