Happy Hangout: Sweet Ecstasy, Jupiter Street, Makati

Sweet Ecstasy is an open-air burger place along Jupiter Street in Makati Avenue, famous for its cheeseburger and milkshakes. Giving off a cozy and creative vibe, the place is filled with vintage posters posted on all walls.

June 10, 2016 — Working around Makati Avenue allows me to explore new food discoveries that aren’t too commercial or mainstream. One of these is Sweet Ecstasy.




We ordered the Classic Cheeseburger, Hamburger, Fantastic Fries, Speculoos Milkshake and White Russian. I was excited since for roughly a thousand pesos, we were expecting good stuff. However, when we saw the food on the tray, I got very disappointed.


Cheeseburger (₱195.00)


It doesn’t look appetizing, does it? That’s where the ₱800 went.



The not-so-fantastic fries, plain potatoes stripped and deeply fried. At least they weren’t greasy. We didn’t try the Ecstasy Fries because we didn’t want to be filled with the Ecstasy sauce that’s also poured over their Cheeseburgers.

And for the famous Cheeseburger, yes it is a classic. The sauce gives vibrant flavor to the juicy grilled beef patty (real meat here). And I like the bun, buttered and crisp on the surface. I just think it’s overpriced for ₱195, don’t you think? If you’re planning to get a Hamburger, just get the Cheeseburger for goodness sake. Their hamburger lacks the juicy sauce. It tastes good, yet it’s dull. For a ₱20 difference, get the other one.


Speculoos and White Russian Milkshakes (₱185.00 each)


I got the Speculoos Milkshake, which almost made my tongue numb because of high sugar content. At least the White Russian Milkshake did the whole “the milkshake is a must try thing” agreeable. Just be prepared when they say they make Adult Milkshakes – the alcohol really gives it a kick.

All in all, I think Sweet Ecstasy is okay. Good enough for a Friday quick bite, but not a hangout spot for late night talks. You may drink beers while eating the burgers, it’s cool until the crowd flocks. Although the value for everything was overpriced, it was a good try, but I was far from satisfied. After eating here, our tummies didn’t get full as expected so we walked a bit further to eat Nissin Noodle in 7-11 store.

At least we can stop being curious about this Sweet Ecstasy burger craze.


Sweet Ecstasy Makati

Address: Jupiter, Makati, Metro Manila
Phone: 0906 346 7989

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