Silanguin Cove: The farthest cove of San Antonio

Reading my blog post of Anawangin Cove – Capones Island, I swore to be back in Zambales for Nagsasa and Silanguin Cove. After a year, here I am. As I go back and explore the rest of the coves in San Antonio, namely Nagsasa, Anawangin, Talisayin, and Silanguin, I am surprised at how Zambales still amazes me with its wonders.

June 19, 2016 –– During our trip last year to Anawangin Cove, we were able to meet some locals in Pundaquit who became friends with us in spite of our brief stay. Instead of getting tour packages for our Capones-Nagsasa-Silanguin Island Tour, we directly contacted Ate Mariam Antolin to arrange the trip for us.  After getting to know the other side of Capones Island, we went to Nagsasa Cove and were able to witness its beauty despite being affected by the Pinatubo eruption years ago.

At 2pm, we departed from Nagsasa Cove so we could arrive in Silanguin while there is still sunlight. The boat ride to Nagsasa to Silanguin took around 2 hours. The weather cooperated with us. Enduring the long boat ride towards the other side of the island was easier since the waves were flat.  When we set foot on the shores, I was speechless. The sand was fine, the water was crystal blue and the view was breathtaking. I have never been under a sky this vast and clear. No words can describe how beautiful this part of Zambales is.

Unlike Nagsasa, Anawangin, and Talisayen, Silanguin’s sand is not comprised of volcanic ashes. The shores of Silanguin is covered with grey sand which doesn’t get too hot under the sun.


Silanguin Cove Zambales

Silanguin Cove Zambales




Like in Nagsasa, there are a number of cottages and huts situated in front of the beach here in Silanguin. There are few resorts or a.k.a. camping spots, that can accommodate groups. There are shower and toilet facilities available for tourists. Soon, some more resorts will rise on this cove.

We camped at JP’s Place. Aside from the locals, there was only one other group who stayed the night in Silanguin. Still, it was almost like we had the whole island to ourselves.  As we turned the lights off and prepare for rest, we were happy that the breeze was enough to make our sleep comfortable. A good night’s rest indeed.


Silanguin Cove Zambales

Silanguin Cove Zambales




This was the highlight of my stay in Silanguin – the sunset. I have never seen the sun this big! It was as if I could reach it just by extending my hand.  After the golden hour, the sky turned to pink! The clouds looked like cotton candy. I have never seen the earth as peaceful as this moment. As the blue-pink hues filled the heavens, I couldn’t help but admire the universe that surrounds and envelops my tiny body.


Silanguin Cove Zambales

Silanguin Cove Zambales

Silanguin Cove Zambales



Postcard Worthy Landscape

Silanguin Cove has a beautiful stretch of shoreline. Walking along the beach, Silanguin offers a variety of scenic spots – from driftwoods,  Agoho trees-covered trails to rocky parts of the beach. In every direction I went, the landscape kept changing. As we were walking, I also saw red mushrooms blooming on the log. They look cute but these might be deadly though!


Silanguin Cove Zambales

Silanguin Cove Zambales

Silanguin Cove Zambales



The Beach

Just walking by the shores of Silanguin comforts the soles of my feet. The soft, light gray sand surrounded by a backdrop of yellow grass mountains make the place more rustic.  Silanguin is the farthest of all the four coves here in Zambales. This is probably why the waves are much calmer and the water is clearer on this side, because of its remoteness from Pundaquit.

It was hard for me to leave Silanguin Cove. I guess if this place was a person, I would instantly marry it! Every inch of Silanguin was raw and breathtaking. I really hope that developments on the rise wouldn’t affect the beauty of this paradise.


Silanguin Cove Zambales




Guide to Silanguin Cove, San Antonio, Zambales

    • The tent pitching fee in Silanguin Cove costs ₱100 / head. This fee doesn’t include the tent itself, just the slot. In our case, it was already included in Ate Mariam’s package for ₱1,600.
    • Bring your power banks, and flashlights. Source of electricity in this area is still very limited.
    • Bring your own drinking water.


Things to Bring

  • Sunblock lotion
  • Drinking water
  • Power banks
  • Tent
  • Wet wipes
  • Mosquito-repelling lotion / mosquito coil
  • Trash bags
  • Flashlight


Contact Persons

Local Tour Guide

Person to look for: Ate Mariam Antolin
Mobile number: +639260668817


Itinerary and Budget

Note: This itinerary was based on a group of 11  people during a 2016 trip.

Day 1 (June 18) 12:00 mn ETD From Dasmarinas, Cavite to Pundaquit, Zambales ₱ 955/head (Van Rental)
1:00 AM Sleep
4:30 AM ETA Pundaquit; buy stuff
5:30 AM Boat ride to Capones Island ₱ 850/head (Boat Rental)
6:00 AM ETA Capones Island, snorkelling, take photo, swim ₱ 50/head (Gear Rental)
7:10 AM Boat ride to Nagsasa Cove ₱ 50/head (Drinks!)
8:00 AM ETA Nagsasa Cove ₱ 100/head (Entrance Fee)
9:00 AM Breakfast ₱ 50/head (Cottage Rental)
9:40 AM Trek to Nagsasa Falls ₱ 100/head (Guide Fee)
12:20 nn Lunch, rest ₱ 87/head (tour package)
1:00 PM Roam around Nagsasa Cove, take photo, swim
2:00 PM Clean up
2:30 PM ETD to Silanguin Cove
4:00 PM ETA Silanguin Cove; set up camp ₱ 100/head (Tent Pitching Fee)
4:30 PM Swim, take photos, free time
6:30 PM Dinner ₱ 88/head (tour package)
7:00 PM Bonfire
Day 2 (June 19) 6:00 AM Wake up, get dressed
7:00 AM Breakfast ₱ 87/head (tour package)
7:30 AM Swim
8:30 AM Take bath, wash up
9:00 AM Pack up, clean up camp
9:30 AM ETD to Pundaquit
12:00 nn ETA Pundaquit
12:15 nn Lunch ₱ 88/head (tour package)
1:00 PM ETD to Cavite
5:30 ETA Dasmarinas, Cavite
ESTIMATED TOTAL ₱ 2,605 / head



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  1. Hi louisse ! Nice blog ! Thanks for sharing your trip to us.. by the way do you have the number of ate mariam antolin.. i want to have the same package and same itinerary as what you did… 😉

    1. Thank you for the kind words, Jennifer! You may contact ate Mariam Antolin via this number +639183254351. Hope you enjoy! 🙂

  2. hi louisse! nice blog! i texted ate mariam, nagbabalak kasi kami magsilanguin this coming jan 22 and nanghihingi siya ng down payment for the food, so ayun ok naman ba sya? just wanna make sure narin thanks

    1. Hi Nica! Yes, same setup. She needs the money kasi to buy the ingredients. 🙂 Hope you enjoy!!

  3. Hi Louisse, helpful blog you have here. Can you advise if there’s already a cellular signal in this cove? Thanks. 🙂

    1. Hi Madz! Thank you 🙂 About your question, there is no cellular signal in Silanguin. (Even in Anawangin and Nagsasa)

  4. Hi louisse…my son and i is planning to go to Silanguin this Holy Week. Ok lng ba mgpbook kay Ate Mariam khit 2pax lng?

    1. Hi Jack! I think it’ll be best to contact Ate Mariam. 🙂

  5. Hi Louisse,

    ask ko lang kng mas malaki ba matitipid kapag nag direct contact kmi compared sa posted packaged trips? thanks

    1. I believe so! Always better with big groups so you can share the expenses 🙂

  6. Hello Louisse. Just want to find out if you think the long boat trip is safe for my 13 year old daughter? My family and I had been in Talisayen 2x already and we would like to try Silanguin Cove. Is there a continues supply of clean water for cleaning cooking utensils? Bathroom and shower are ok? What do you mean when you said you stayed at “jp’s place”? Are you talking about the owners of Nipa huts? Naconfuse lang ako. Thanks

    1. Hi! The boat trip is safe naman when we went there (June 2016). Waves were flat. They have their water supply for cooking and washing, but none for drinking. Bathroom is okay, de-tabo and isang malaking drum. We pitched tents and camped. They call it “resorts” kasi. The ones managing our campsite was JP’s Resort. I believe there are nipa huts, I’m not sure lang how much or if meron sa JP’s Place 🙂

      I’ve neven been to Talisayen but looking to visit sometime this year! Enjoy Silanguin!

  7. Hi,

    Ate Mariam is asking for 2k Reservation Fee – My partner and I will be cooking our own foods during our stay this June. Do we still need to pay in advance?

    1. Hi Mik,

      In our case, the fee was for the food preps. (just not sure if the way she operates tours changed since then) Kindly specify to Ate Mariam that you wouldn’t ask for assistance on food.

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