Nagsasa Falls: Refreshing cascades in Zambales

Nagsasa Cove is approximately 16 kilometers away from Pundaquit shores, and the great distance makes it a bit inconvenient to go to. However, we didn’t mind the 2-hour boat ride to Nagsasa. Nagsasa Cove tells us a story that something beautiful can come out from a destructive event. Who would ‘ve thought that after the Pinatubo eruption back in the 90s, the grey ashes that spewed from the volcano will become the land that we walk on in Zambales ‘ coves today?

June 18, 2016 –  After taking in the beauty of Nagsasa Cove, my group and I asked Ate Mariam, our tour operator, to call a  tour guide for us who can take us to Nagsasa Falls which was an hour trek away from the coastline. We were introduced to Kuya Jun who politely advised us about the trek. He said we shouldn’t have worn shorts and short-sleeved shirts because we could get scratches from the tall dry grasses on the way. (True enough, my skin felt light burns after the experience.)

The trail started with a grassy path. Without the shade from the tree, it was a challenge for non-mountaineers like us. Please don’t forget to bring your bottled water and umbrella to help you keep hydrated.  It was approximately 15-20 minutes until we got to the part where the trail turned rocky.  From the short rocky trail, we encountered a tree-covered path which was easier to pass through because of the shade.



When we got to the stream,  we can’t help but take a rest before resuming the trek. We had to sit down for about 5 minutes while getting our bodies soaked in cold water. From this point, the trail became steeper and rockier. Honestly, I wasn’t expecting a trek like this going to Nagsasa Falls. Who thought we’d be hugging rocks and holding onto branches? The experience was tough yet fulfilling.

Finally, we caught glimpse of Nagsasa falls. It wasn’t as high as I’ve imagined it to be, but it exudes a charm different than other falls I’ve seen before. Taking a dip, I had to wear a life vest (because I’m not a good swimmer). Although the catch basin was small, Kuya Jun warned us to be careful because it was deep.  I like how Nagsasa Falls is made up of series of small waterfalls over steep rocks.


Nagsasa Falls, Zambales

Nagsasa Falls, Zambales

Nagsasa Falls, Zambales

Nagsasa Falls, Zambales

Nagsasa Falls, Zambales

Nagsasa Falls, Zambales

Nagsasa Falls, Zambales

Nagsasa Falls, Zambales


I enjoyed lying down on the rocks as the water hits my skin with light force. It was as if I had my own jacuzzi. After half an hour of dipping on the falls, We went back to the campsite. We were faster this time, energized and hydrated than before. All in all, it was a great adventure. I recommend thrill seekers to go on a trek to Nagsasa Falls. Explore the cascading waterfalls, which you can reach in 30 minutes if you’re a fast trekker.




Contact Persons

Local Tour Guide

Person to look for: Ate Mariam Antolin
Mobile number: +639260668817


Itinerary and Budget

Note: This itinerary was based on a group of 11  people during a 2016 trip.


Day 1 (June 18) 12:00 mn ETD From Dasmarinas, Cavite to Pundaquit, Zambales ₱ 955/head (Van Rental)
1:00 AM Sleep
4:30 AM ETA Pundaquit; buy stuff
5:30 AM Boat ride to Capones Island ₱ 850/head (Boat Rental)
6:00 AM ETA Capones Island, snorkelling, take photo, swim ₱ 50/head (Gear Rental)
7:10 AM Boat ride to Nagsasa Cove ₱ 50/head (Drinks!)
8:00 AM ETA Nagsasa Cove ₱ 100/head (Entrance Fee)
9:00 AM Breakfast ₱ 50/head (Cottage Rental)
9:40 AM Trek to Nagsasa Falls ₱ 100/head (Guide Fee)
12:20 nn Lunch, rest ₱ 87/head (tour package)
1:00 PM Roam around Nagsasa Cove, take photo, swim
2:00 PM Clean up
2:30 PM ETD to Silanguin Cove
4:00 PM ETA Silanguin Cove; set up camp ₱ 100/head (Tent Pitching Fee)
4:30 PM Swim, take photos, free time
6:30 PM Dinner ₱ 88/head (tour package)
7:00 PM Bonfire
Day 2 (June 19) 6:00 AM Wake up, get dressed
7:00 AM Breakfast ₱ 87/head (tour package)
7:30 AM Swim
8:30 AM Take bath, wash up
9:00 AM Pack up, clean up camp
9:30 AM ETD to Pundaquit
12:00 nn ETA Pundaquit
12:15 nn Lunch ₱ 88/head (tour package)
1:00 PM ETD to Cavite
5:30 ETA Dasmarinas, Cavite
ESTIMATED TOTAL ₱ 2,605 / head



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