Diniwid Beach: The Calmer Side of Boracay

Diniwid Beach is situated just next to the White Beach of Boracay. It has the same sand and waters as Boracay but the difference is that  Diniwid Beach has a  rocky shoreline and stronger currents.  If you’re opting towards a  quiet island stay, Diniwid Beach is ideal for a peaceful getaway.

Getting to Diniwid Beach from Station 1 took us 30 minutes of walking. The path was rocky, indeed. There were ruins of old boats, rock formations and a number of interesting sights as we approach Diniwid Beach. When we reached Diniwid Beach, there were very few people. There were resorts around the area as well. The place had a very laid back tone and feel to it.















Spider House

Out of curiosity, we checked out Spider House without the intention of doing any business in there. Spider House is a resort-hotel in Diniwid beach that has a chill, laid back vibe.  We were able to check out the restaurant and there were plenty of spaces to sit and just relax with friends, that is if you have the money to splurge. In this side of the island, there are lesser crowds so if you’re looking for a place to think, read a book and relax, then go here.









Itinerary and Budget

Note: This itinerary in Mount Luho was based from an actual trip of 4 persons during a 2016 trip.


Day 0 (May 21) 9:00 PM Kalibo Airport Arrival; ride tricycle to Ati-atihan Festival Hostel ₱ 1,100/head (roundtrip fare – booked months before via CebuPac)
9:30 PM Check in Ati-atihan Festival Hostel; dinner ₱ 1,800/room of 4pax (accomodation in Ati-atihan Festival Hostel); ₱ 100/tricycle (tricycle
10:00 PM Walk from Hostel to eat dinner
10:30 PM Rest
Day 1 (May 22) 5:30 AM Wake up; prep
6:15 AM Ride tricycle to Kjad Tours Terminal ₱ 40/tricycle
6:30 AM Ride van going to Caticlan Jetty Port ₱ 100/head
8:15 AM Arrival at Jetty Port; ride boat to Boracay Island ₱ 25/ head (boat fee); ₱ 75/head (environmental fee); ₱ 100/head (terminal fee)
8:40 AM Arrival at Port; ride e-trike passing by d’ talipapa ₱ 20/head (e-bike)
8:50 AM Walk 2-3 mins going to Facebook resort; check in; ask for island hopping ₱ 2,230/night for 4 pax (accommodation); ₱ 800/head (island hopping package)
9:10 AM Change clothes, walk around D talipapa; eat breakfast
9:40 AM Back to Facebook Resort; walk to station 3
10:00 AM Ride King Whales boat; start of island hopping
10:15 AM ETA Crocodile island; snorkelling ₱ 20/head (snorkelling fee)
10:30 AM ETD to Crystal Cove
10:55 AM ETA Crystal Cove; Crystal Cove tour ₱ 200/head (entrance fee)
12:00 nn ETD to Piknikan
12:10 nn ETA Piknikan / Lunch buffet included in package
1:15 PM ETD to Puka Shell Beach
1:30 PM ETA Puka Shell Beach; free time ₱ 250/fruit shake! (with use of beach bed)
2:45 PM ETD back to White Beach
3:10 PM ETA White Beach; swim; free time
6:00 PM Back to resort Station 2; bathtime; rest
7:00 PM Shop at market; eat at paluto
8:30 PM Dinner time ₱ 1,264/total bill at Paluto
9:30 PM Walk around White Beach
10:30 PM Back to resort; rest
Day 2 (May 23) 5:00 AM Wake up; prep
5:30 AM Walk to Bulabog beach
5:45 AM Watch sunrise; free time
8:00 AM Walk back to White Beach
8:15 AM Eat breakfast
9:00 AM Back to resort, call tricycle, ETD Mount Luho ₱ 350/tricycle (contracted for back and forth service)
9:30 AM ETA Mount Luho; picture taking ₱ 120/head (entrance fee)
10:00 AM ETD Diniwid Beach
10:20 AM ETA Diniwid Beach; Free Time
11:00 AM Walk to Station 1
11:20 AM Picture taking Willy’s Rock
11:30 AM Jonah’s Fruit Shake ₱ 120/fruit shake!
12:00 nn Walk to Station 2; Free time
2:00 PM Walk to Station 3; Sunbathing; Free time
4:00 PM Walk to Station 2; Swimming Time
5:30 PM Sunset
6:40 PM Dinner ₱ 70/head (Dinner at Andoks!)
7:45 PM ETD to Boracay Beach Pub for PubCrawl from Facebook Resort ₱ 690/head (booked and paid for in advance)
8:10 PM Register for PubCrawl
12:40 PM ETD from PubCrawl (last pub at station 1) to Facebook Resort
1:00 AM ETA Facebook Resort; Clean up; sleep
Day 3 (May 24) 9:40 AM Wake up; prep
10:50 AM Brunch at Villa De Oro Hotel and Resort (Station 2) ₱ 180/meal (Villa de Oro Swiss Inn Breakfast)
12:35 nn Eat Gelato; Free time; buy pasalubong
1:00 PM Back to Facebook Resort; bathe; pack up ₱ 300/hour (extend stay at Facebook resort)
2:00 PM Check out; ride tricycle to port ₱ 100/tricycle
2:30 PM ETA Caticlan Jetty Port ₱ 25/ head (boat fee); ₱ 100/head (terminal fee)
2:45 PM Ride van going to Kalibo Airport ₱ 150/ head (van fare)
4:00 PM ETA Kalibo Airport; check in ₱ 200/ head (terminal fee)
5:00 PM ETA Manila

ESTIMATED EXPENSES: ₱ 6,524 / head (with airfare)


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