Crocodile Island, Palaui: Unexpected Island Adventure

December 11, 2016 – The Manidad Island is a lone islet lying in the middle of Balintang Channel. Due to its rock formation that goes after the image of a crocodile, it was now coined as Crocodile Island. Should one be traveling from San Vicente towards Punta Verde, the boat will pass by this beautiful rock formation on the way. On sunny weather, the rock radiates a bright glow as if it was actually white.


Crocodile Island,, Palaui Island, Cagayan Valley

Crocodile Island,, Palaui Island, Cagayan Valley

Crocodile Island,, Palaui Island, Cagayan Valley

Crocodile Island,, Palaui Island, Cagayan Valley



Due to the low tide, we were not able to travel to Anguib Beach as scheduled. We stayed on the islet for three hours, waiting for the tides to rise. Three hours may sound “boring”, but time was not as slow as we thought it to be. We explored every inch of this islet. I’ve even examined the bits of rocks this formation was made of. (The formation is delicate and could easily fall apart if it got hit with the slightest impact.) I also enjoyed getting into the waters, catching a glimpse of marine life surrounding the coast. We watched our boatmen Kuya Ami and Kuya Bong gather crablets hiding by the rocks, oysters and even fishes swimming by the shores. It was the most random time – just wandered towards where our curiosity brought us.






Crocodile Island,, Palaui Island, Cagayan Valley


Within three hours, the weather shifted from calm to chaos to calm to chaos again. We didn’t mind the rain, but it was the strong wind that was tough to withstand. We had to wear oversized plastic bags to serve as our raincoat. At 12:30 noon, the tides have risen high enough for us to navigate to our next destination (Anguib Beach). Despite the continuous rainfall, the angry waves and the intense wind, we made it through. Thank GOD! We kept praying for the storm to stop, but God calmed our hearts instead. It was a great time to reflect despite the chaotic environment.



Guide to Palaui Island, Cagayan Valley


  • During the rainy season, make sure to bring a raincoat. If none, buy an oversized plastic bag at Tita Leoning’s.
  • Make sure you have ample time to make room for adjustments. We were only supposed to stay on Crocodile Island for 30 minutes but ended up being there for 3 hours and 30 minutes due to the tides.
  • Bring water during the hike.
  • Always listen to the advice of boatmen and tour guides.
  • Pray, pray, pray all the time.


Things to Bring

  • Sunblock lotion
  • Scarf, cap or shades
  • Raincoat (just in case)
  • Waterproof bag / dry bag
  • Waterproof casing for phones and action cameras
  • Water resistant bag covers
  • Sturdy high friction sandals for trekking


Contact Persons

Palaui Island Tour Operator (c/o PASAMOBA)

Person to look for: Kuya Edwin
Mobile number: 0926-906-4657


Eden’s Lodge (Accommodation in Sta. Ana)

Person to look for: JR
Mobile number: 0977-827-6391)


Elsa’s Homestay (Accommodation in Punta Verde)

Person to look for: Ate Elsa
Mobile number: 0905-283-2559



Itinerary and Budget

Note: This itinerary was based on a group of 6 persons during a 2016 trip.


Day 1 (December 9) 11:00 AM ETD Tuguegarao Airport from Manila ₱ 1,400/head (Roundtrip Tickets)
12:10 AM ETA Tuguegarao City / Eat Early Lunch at Jomar’s Panciteria ₱ 90/head (Super Special Pancit)
1:15 AM ETD Callao Cave, Penablanca ₱ 250/head (Tricycle Service)
2:30 PM ETA at Pinacauan River to Callao Cave/explore ₱ 20/head (Boat Ride to Cave); ₱ 20/head (Callao Cave Entrance); ₱ 50/head (Tour Guide Fee)
4:30 PM ETD to Van Terminal Bound to Sta. Ana
5:30 PM ETA to Van Terminal / ETD to Sta. Ana Town Proper ₱ 180/head (Van Fare)
8:50 PM Check in at Eden’s Lodge overnight ₱ 342/head (Accommodation)
9:30 PM Dinner / Socials / Sleep time
Day 2 (December 10) 6:00 AM Wake up / Prep time
6:45 AM ETD from Eden’s Lodge to San Vicente Port ₱ 20/head (Tricycle)
7:00 AM ETA San Vicente Port / Talk to PASAMOBA Kuya Jun ₱ 1,167/head (Tour Package); ₱ 70/head (Environmental Fee)
7:30 AM Breakfast at Tita Leoning’s
8:40 AM ETD Punta Verde, Palaui
9:05 AM ETA Punta Verde, Palaui, Checked in at Ate Elsa’s Homestay ₱ 250/head (Homestay)
9:40 AM Trek to Baratubut Falls and trek along Mabolbol Shore ₱ 117/head (Tour Guide Fee)
2:00 PM Lunch at Cape Engano ₱ 150/head (Lunch)
4:30 PM ETD back to Boat
5:30 PM ETA to Boat / Pass by Siwangag Cove and Fuga Moro Island
7:00 PM Elsa’s Homestay Punta Verde / Eat Dinner ₱ 150/head (Dinner)
8:00 PM Socials/Shower/Sleep
Day 3 (December 11) 6:00 AM Wake up/Prep/Breakfast
8:30 AM ETD to Crocodile Island
9:00 AM ETA in Crocodile Island
12:30 PM ETD Crocodile Island to Anguib Beach / Mangrove Area
1:00 PM ETA Anguib Beach / Eat Lunch ₱ 100/head (Beach Entrance Fee); ₱ 150/head (Lunch)
4:00 PM ETD San Vicente Port via Boat
5:00 PM ETA Sta. Ana / Checked in at Kat-Kat Lodge/Shower ₱ 10/head (Tricycle); ₱ 167/head (Accommodation)
7:00 PM Dinner at Noodle House in Cagayan Leisure and Resort
8:00 PM Socials
11:00 PM Sleep
Day 4 (December 12) 2:30 AM Wake up call/Prep
3:00 AM ETD Tuguegarao Airport via Van ₱ 180/head (Van Fare)
6:00 AM ETA Tuguegarao Town Proper / Eat Breakfast /Buy Pasalubong
7:00 AM ETA Airport
10:00 AM ETD to Manila
ESTIMATED BUDGET ₱ 4,883 / head



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