South Cebu Adventure: Whale Shark Snorkeling, Oslob

The town of Oslob is known to be the home of the Whale Sharks or locally known as Butanding. Tourists from around the globe come to Cebu just to check this off their bucket list. The Philippines is truly blessed with wonderful spots, like the beaches of Oslob.

July 31, 2015 — From Robe’s Pension House at 4 in the morning, my group and I rode a taxi to South Bus Terminal (₱60.00) and took a Ceres Bus going to Oslob (₱156.00). It took us 4-hours to get to Tan-awan Oslob, so we had ample time to sleep.

We got off the bus and entered inside MB Sunrise View Resort.  The facilities, aside from the whale shark snorkel for 45 minutes (₱500.00), such as the use of locker and shower rooms (₱100.00)  are the reasons why people prefer MB Sunrise View Resort over others.



Before the snorkel begins, we were oriented on the precautionary measures of the activity.  Some of the rules include:

  • Distance of 4 meters should be observed;
  • No touching of whale shark;
  • No camera flash;
  • Wear lifevest going to the snorkel spot;
  • Do not create bubbles while snorkeling.


Oslob Cebu-3

Oslob Cebu-3

Oslob Whaleshark Cebu


We excitedly hopped back to our boat and went to the dive spot after the orientation. The boatmen encouraged us to take off our life vests so we can have better photos with the Butanding. Although I am not the best swimmer, I kept my calm and was surprised that I managed to stay afloat.


whaleshark oslob


How is it so difficult to get a good photo? Good thing the boatmen were kind enough to offer their help. They could swim so deep it was less effort for me to find a good angle. The 45-minutes encounter was so fast!  We did not realize it was over. We headed back to the resort and found ourselves starving so we ordered brunch before we head to our next adventure. There were value meals priced at ₱100.00, and it was not that bad. I had longganisa and fried egg with rice!

It was a fun way to begin our adventure in South Cebu. Next on our itinerary was the Tumalog Falls.



Guide to Whale Shark Snorkeling, Oslob

    • DO NOT apply sunscreen lotion! For the safety purposes of the whale sharks, management does not advise sunscreen or any kind of foreign chemicals for those who will snorkel and dive.
    • You can ask for the help of the tour guides and boatmen to take your photo underwater. They can swim better and take greater angles because they can move around freely.
    • You can remove the life vest so you look better in the photos!


Itinerary and Budget

Note: This was from a 2015 trip of 4 people.

Day 1 (July 30) 6:15 PM Flight to Cebu ₱ 1,400 (roundtip tickets)
7:40 PM ETA Mactan Airport
8:15 PM Check in at Robe’s Pension House ₱ 300/person (accommodation)
8:30 PM Dinner at La Parisienne
Day 2 (July 31) 4:00 AM Check out, Head to South Bus Station ₱ 60/person (Taxi Fare)
4:30 AM Oslob ₱ 156/person (Bus Fare)
7:00 AM ETA MB Sunrise View Resort ₱ 100 (Locker Rental) ; ₱ 500 (Whale Shark Encounter)
11:30 AM Lunch at MB Sunrise View Resort ₱ 100/person (Average Meal Price)
1:00 PM ETD Tumalog Falls ₱ 170/person (Motorcycle Service Ride to Tumalog – Cuartel Heritage)
1:30 PM ETA Tumalog Falls ₱ 20/person (Tumalog Entrance Fee)
3:30 PM ETA MB Sunrise View Resort; Shower
3:50 PM ETD Moalboal via Ceres Bus ₱ 70/person (bus fare)
5:30 PM ETA Moalboal Market ₱ 15 (Tricycle to Sea Turtle Resort)
5:45 PM ETA Sea Turtle Resort; Check-in ₱ 760/person (accommodation)
7:45 PM Dinner at Sea Turtle House ₱ 100/person (shared meal)
Day 3 (August 1) 6:30 AM Wake up; get dressed
7:00 AM Pescador – Sardine Run Island Hopping (c/o Sea Turtle House) ₱ 750/person
1:00 PM Lunch at Sea Turtle House ₱ 160/person
2:30 PM ETD Kawasan Falls ₱ 20/person (entrance fee)
4:30 PM Back to Sea Turtle House; Check-out
5:30 PM ETD Cebu City ₱ 130/person (bus fare)
8:00 PM ETA Cebu City; Check-in at 1st Avenue Apartelle; Shower ₱ 300/person (accommodation)
9:00 PM Dinner at Zubuchon ₱ 160/person (shared meal)
10:00 PM Back to Apartelle; Sleep
Day 4 (August 2) 6:00 AM Wake up; get dressed
7:00 AM Check out; ETD Airport ₱ 50/person (Taxi Fare)
7:30 AM ETA Airport; Check in



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