Pig-out Madness: Splice Resto Bar in Mandaluyong

Popping up in the Greenfield District, Mandaluyong are different food spots just waiting to be discovered. We found a  newly opened restaurant along The Portal in Greenfield District named Splice, looking expensive and classy. With an ambiance like this, I am sure passersby are curious as to what this new resto-bar has in store.



July 29, 2015 — We took a visit to Splice Resto Bar and instantly picked five entries for our lunch. If great food is what you are after, read on and see what happened with my taste buds right after I get the goodies into my mouth.

First served on our table was the Sriracha Butter Wings (₱270.00). I know the basics with chicken wings, but believe me when I say that this one goes beyond it. Forgetting about cutlery, my hands were all over this festive appetizer. The sriracha sauce was new to me and it was the best pair to match the star of the show – the chicken wings. The wings were perfectly cooked, on the inside. The butter was also giving a nice blend of taste to everything in this plate. Honestly speaking, their  Sriracha Chicken Wings can easily be one of any daddy’s favorite.



For the main course, we enjoyed the 8-hour Pork Belly Confit (₱270.00) that was so soft, there was no need to chew the pork belly. It melts on its own! No wonder it had the 8-hour title to it, it was cooked for 8 hours in the oven. How was this priced for only ₱270?



Next on my table is the Danggit and Chicken Skin Carbonara (₱270.00). Replacing the usual bacon bits to the carbonara, the Danggit is a nice twist to this dish. We all know Danggit for its strong intense flavor and surprise for pasta lovers because it complements the creaminess of carbonara. As to the chicken skin bits, I wasn’t sure I tasted them, but I saw them on the plate. Nonetheless,  this one is actually my favorite, being a pasta lover myself!


After the pasta, here comes the doughnut burger with a side of fries. The Homer D’ohnut Burger (₱220.00) is something worth an argument. The burger bun replaced with glazed doughnut could get a little tricky when it comes to figuring this combination out. At first bite, the sweetness of glazed donuts dominates your palate, but as you continue chewing, the transition to the taste of beef patty and American Cheese waves in.

The serving might be overwhelming because the donut is pretty heavy to the stomach. I wasn’t even halfway done with this burger, my tongue was screaming for something tangy, or sour. It could be a pickle I was looking for. The donut burger is great, but I was trying to search for the oomph. My workmate and I even tried putting a tomato slice to our burgers just to taste something else in it, but it didn’t work. There was no particular flavor overpowering my taste buds. Maybe this wasn’t for me, but it was a nice try after all.



Just when we thought the pigging out is done, we were surprised with Meringue con Quezo (₱170.00), giving a sweet end to this food trip. The meringue was sugared just right to even out all the taste in my palate, paired with the tanginess of the strawberry jam on the side. It was the perfect dessert after eating the Homer’s D’ohnut Burger. Although I wasn’t a hundred percent sure what the graham bits were for, the cheesecake filling pretending to be an ice cream made this comfort food even more comforting for me.

The price of Splice Greenfield District’s menu ranged from ₱250.00 to ₱300.00 per dish. A bit too much for a meal but this actually is a great value for the money. Until when will your budget dictate your experience to taste great quality dishes?



Splice Resto Bar
Address: The Portal, Greenfield District, Mandaluyong
Contact Number:  0925 677 5423

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