Mt. Talamitam: Nasugbu’s easy summits

We all have that one friend in college who’s the “yes” guy. This is the person who’s always present in all social gatherings. They’re always on-the-know with what’s happening with everyone mainly because this person gets along with everybody. The “yes” persons are willing to go with you anywhere, as long as adventure awaits. These people are the ones who are always ready for an out-of-town road trip, be it planned a week before or announced last minute. They are a joy to be with, especially because they wholeheartedly go with the flow. 🙂 I love this type of people!

December 29, 2015 — Yesterday, before I prepare for my Intramuros trip,  a thought came to mind – what if I go hiking tomorrow? I was debating whether to go or not since it was a Tuesday, and not a day off for everyone.  It would be hard for me to find someone who can accompany me, and I didn’t feel like hiking alone so I went with a close friend of mine back in college who agreed to go with me without hesitation. No doubt, a “yes” guy!  Alright!

At 7 in the morning, we were already on our way to Nasugbu, Batangas for our Mt. Talamitam hike. When asked by the bus conductor on where we’d dismount, I said “Sitio Bayabasan, KM 83.” and he instantly knew that we’ll be climbing Talamitam. We were glad that the jump-off point is just one bus ride away from us! At around 8 o’ clock, we arrived at the site and were already done with the registration. We were ready to conquer the summit. Physically ready? Hmmm, let’s see. :p

The registration area was just in front of the sari-sari store. A payment of ₱40.00 for each person is required as the registration fee for the Mt. Talamitam hike. Here, we wrote our names and was approached by a local who informed us that she’ll be our guide. I asked her if we can do the hike without the guide, but the local government strictly requires mountaineers to be assisted by the tour guides.  ***If you have a contact number of your preferred guide, that would be better.

The trail begins after crossing this bamboo bridge where mountaineers would pass a short woodland before getting to the grassland slope, which Mt. Talamitam is known for. Under this bridge is the Talamitam River, also known as  Layong Bilog, a river in Sitio Bayabasan where mountaineers usually take a dip after the exhausting climb.



In the flat ground area, just before the hike to the slope, are vegetable plots.  Way back before, there were Talamitam trees that used to grow in here, that was why it was named Mt. Talamitam. But fast forward to today, the mountain has become treeless, thus hiking when the sun is high doubles the exhaustion. So don’t forget to bring your water! Beside the bald Mt. Talamitam is Mt. Apayang. The Mt. Apayang has just opened its trails for mountaineers August of this year.



We’re not even halfway to Talamitam summit yet, but here I was, super tired and super thirsty! The grassland slope was a good resting place that has a stunning view of the city, except there was no shade in here. Good thing we brought water. Ahhh.



Mt. Talamitam is a haven for cows and horses. (And their poops are everywhere!)  Along the way, we have come across well-behaved horses of different colors. And also cows that do not look friendly at all. Do not make eye contact or mimic their “Moooo!” At one point, I thought I was going to be attacked. Huhuhu. As a beginner, I felt the muscles in my legs toughen. To move my limbs and take one step after another is one big fight.  We didn’t have the walking sticks, so it was really hard. I think we stopped to rest 2-3 times before reaching the summit. After two hours, we reached the top!


View of Mt. Apayang from Talamitam summit


Upon seeing rocks, I had to rest my body for I was physically exhausted. The view here was breathtaking, it was the summit of Mt. Apayang. Checking my phone, I was surprised that the cellular signal was full! I was able to call another friend who I invited to come with us and update him about our climb.  We only spent less than 30 minutes in the Talamitam summit because I didn’t want to lose the momentum. We continued our way going to Mt. Apayang after we have rested.

***By the way, when you reach the Talamitam summit, there’s a guy selling Buko Juice for ₱30.00. I swear, it makes a big difference to refresh yourself with some ice cold Buko Juice with real buko flesh. Yummmeh.


Layong Bilog

After traversing to Mt. Apayang, we headed back to the Talamitam River for our relaxing dip. Also known as Layong Bilog, we were relieved of all our body aches when we got there.



The river was the pot of gold at the end of this trip. After our late lunch, we went straight into the cold water. All that exhaustion was gone. We noticed the river water smelled like sabong panlaba. It was funny because later on, we passed by a woman washing clothes by the river as we made our way back to the jump-off point. So that was why we smelled like Mr. Clean! Good thing we didn’t drink the water!



When we returned to our things, we noticed that there were lots of ants! A piece of advice, after eating lunch, dispose of them properly! There are no trash cans in this area, obviously, so better be prepared with a garbage bag.

Since we can’t change after the dip, we continued walking back to the jump-off point in wet clothes. In just a matter of minutes, we were already dry from head to toe. (except for my denim shorts)  It took us 20 minutes (I think) to get back the jump-off site. The way back home was easy because there were already buses bound to Manila.

All in all, the experience was great. But it could have been more awesome if we had a guide who would really assist us as we make our way up the slope – as in, live up to the term “guide”. To be honest,  it felt like we didn’t have a guide at all because she was always twenty steps ahead of us. She wouldn’t even talk, except if we ask “are we there yet”. She didn’t warn us whenever there was a cliff, or a muddy trail, or unstable rocks or what. We were on our own, that’s what it felt like.    I even wondered, if we ever fall down the slope, will our guide even notice?  It will probably take her 5  minutes. Too bad.  But at least she was nice, and she laughed at our jokes.

Enjoy your hike and don’t forget to avoid the stare of those cows! (>_<)



How to Get There

Take any bus going to Nasugbu from Walter Mart Dasma (Cavite) | 1-2 hrs.


Itinerary and Budget

Note: This was based on a group of 2 people during a 2016 trip.

December 31, 2015 Bus Fare (Dasma, Cavite to Brgy. Bayabasan, Nasugbu) ₱87 / head
Registration Fee to Mt. Talamitam ₱40 / head
Minimum tour guide fee ₱300 / guide
Bus Fare (Brgy. Bayabasan, Nasugbu to Dasma, Cavite) ₱87 / head


₱25.00 – 1L of drinking water
₱3.00 – Use of Comfort Room at Registration Area
₱20.00 – Shower
₱30.00 – Buko Juice (Hahaha)


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  1. This looks awesome, you’re so lucky to have done this climb and the views look amazing 🙂

    1. Thank you Vivi! The climb was tiring but the view was worth it!

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