Mt. Apayang: Nasugbu’s easy summits

December 29, 2015 — After our two-hour hike from Mt. Talamitam, my friend and I decided to push through the next summit at Mt. Apayang. Mt. Apayang has recently opened its trail for mountaineers August of 2015 and the trail looked a lot easier than Talamitam, so we went on. The grass was so tall, I realized why mountaineers wear clothes with long covers on arms and legs. I was wearing shorts and a shirt trekking to Mt. Apayang, that I suffered many scratches. Good thing I brought with me extra long sleeved short, I had protection.



Unlike Mt. Talamitam, there were trees around the area and lesser rocks. It was tiring as well, but the trail was easier compared to the Mt. Talamitam Trail. And it wasn’t as hot. We only had to stop once for a water break before we could get to the Apayang summit. It took us less than 30 minutes to get to the Apayang summit. We noticed that there were rocks with writings in the summit. I told the guide that I assume there are already lots of mountaineers who have climbed to Apayang summit because there were vandalisms already. But our guide said that these writings were dated way back during the Japanese occupation in the Philippines. Looking closely at the rocks, like this one, it was written August 26, 1958. Wow. :-O



We only rested for about 20 minutes then we headed back to the Talamitam Trail going to the river. At last. We are going to the Layong Bilog river where we can finally eat lunch, which was by the way a can of luncheon meat for two persons. :p

For the guide, we paid her extra ₱300 for touring us in the Mt. Apayang. And also, we paid ₱20.00 per person registration fee for the Apayang climb. And that’s it! For the rest of the story, you can also read about my Talamitam experience!  Enjoy the hike! 😛





How to Get There

Take any bus going to Nasugbu from Walter Mart Dasma (Cavite) | 1-2 hrs.


Itinerary and Budget

Note: This was based from a group of 2 people during a 2016 trip.

December 31, 2015 Bus Fare (Dasma, Cavite to Brgy. Bayabasan, Nasugbu) ₱87 / head
Registration Fee to Mt. Talamitam ₱40 / head
Minimum tour guide fee ₱300 / guide
Bus Fare (Brgy. Bayabasan, Nasugbu to Dasma, Cavite) ₱87 / head


₱25.00 – 1L of drinking water
₱3.00 – Use of Comfort Room at Registration Area
₱20.00 – Shower
₱30.00 – Buko Juice (Hahaha)


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