Happy Hangout: A Slice of Japan at Kagura, Little Tokyo

December 6, 2015 – The Christmas month has officially begun and it is no surprise that year-end parties are planned almost everywhere, even as early as now because for sure, everybody’s schedule for the month of December will be filled with parties and festivities.

In fact, my small group in the church decided to hold our Christmas gathering in Little Tokyo in Pasong Tamo, Makati after the Sunday morning service. Little Tokyo is a compound of Japanese restaurants in Legazpi Village. It is just located along Pasay Road, but the establishment is not noticeable. I like that its aesthetics from the outside was subtle but once you entered the premises, it really feels like Tokyo.

We had lunch at Kagura where Oko Nomi-Yaki, or Japanese fried battered cakes, are known for.  It was also my first time to try Okonomiyaki, and for those who have eaten a takoyaki, the taste is almost like that except this one’s more superior in size and in every aspect!

The Okonomi-Mix  (₱330.00) is an Okonomiyaki with pork, squid, shrimp, and egg. The squid and shrimp bits were awesome! This plate is good for sharing with 2 persons, but if you’re an okonomiyaki addict, I doubt if you’d  share! Another dish on our table was Tonpei-Yaki, simply a  sauteed pork in an egg roll.


Okonomi Mix (₱330.00)


Aside from their okonomiyaki, I also appreciated their Yaki-udon noodles with okonomi sauce! Again, this dish can be for sharing of 2 persons.


Pork Yaki-udon with Okonomi Sauce (₱250.00)


Tonpei-Yaki (₱198.00)


Here’s one of my new Japanese favorite, the Deep Fried Bean Curd. It was everything! The tofu was so soft, but the surface was crispy, and of course, the sauce was lovely. This side dish was a surprise for me because I am not a big fan of tokwa. But now I am!


Deep Fried Bean Curd served with hot soup (₱165.00)


The Japanese cuisine lunch wouldn’t be the same without the Ebi  Tempura (₱410.00), 4 pcs deep fried shrimp covered in batter plus one vegetable tempura.

What a way to celebrate camaraderie and fellowship with my church group! No one was around this time so it was a peaceful lunch for us ladies.  We were able to exchange gifts and pray for everyone after the hearty meals.  Good memories in this place! Definitely loved my first time here, so  I hope you try it, too! 🙂


Kagura Okonomiyaki, Little Tokyo

Address:  2277 Chino Roces Avenue, Makati
Contact Number:  (02) 894 3856

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